Spending/Saving Money Survey

The cost of living here sure is less than back home, but I’m definitely spending money much faster than I originally thought I would be before coming here. I’m interested in trying to solve the problem of spending too much money while living here in Taiwan.

If you feel you’ve encountered the same problem, I would greatly appreciated your help by filling out this survey: https://forms.gle/w3csfcmY3xiUp1rn7

I’d love to continue the discussion below as well, but I ask that if you want to fill out the survey, you do so first so that your responses aren’t potentially primed by others comments.

How do you plan to do that?

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I appreciate the responses I’ve gotten so far. Keep it up!

@RickRoll First by understanding the problem a bit better. I’m working on an app a budgeting and receipt scanning app. When I started showing some people I realized a couple things.

Primarily, the app I started building already exists on the play store. The problem was when I was searching I couldn’t find it because it’s only on Taiwan’s google play store (not in the US region). You can only change your google play region once a year. Even though I kind of just want to use that app now, I’m not sure if I want to change my region just for this app and then not be able to change it the region back for a year.

When I did research earlier, I did find some receipt scanning apps that are also accessible from the US app store. However, these didn’t have the budgeting features that I wanted. Before in the US I bought everything with a credit card and every month I could visit my bank’s website and see how much I spent on what category and try to adjust my spending accordingly.

Also of course I can’t “solve” the problem of spending too much money for everyone, but I think I can build something that can help me spend less money or be more aware of my spending. I’m trying to see if I can build something that is useful to others too.

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This is an impressive level of dedication to solving your problem. Great work! GLHF.

First of all, forget the ‘western’ style living, it’s expensive. Go local, really cheap.


What is this expensive ‘western’ style living?

Trying to save money after you spend it seems counterintuitive. :idunno:

Thanks for sharing!
What’s the app you found on Google app store that fits your needs?
If I understood correctly, that app is perfect for your, except that it’s not available in US, correctly?

Yeah, pretty much. That and I believe it doesn’t have English translations. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=money.com.invoicemanager

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Buying and eating all the western style food and beverages that you crave from back home.

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The first step is knowing how much you’re spending on what. That way you can plan to spend less in certain areas that you’re overspending in.

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Oh, it’s like bookkeeping and budgeting.

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OK. I’m old and don’t need an app for that I guess. I do the math in my head. :idunno:

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I’ve never encountered the same problem, so guess I can’t give any helpful advice :thinking::thinking:

And since I just shared a link to my competition. I figure I’ll also add a link to what I’m working on too: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taiwanbudget

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So, the post is actually spam bait?

I mean you can call it whatever you want. I think it is relevant to the discussion. I’m not trying to spam you with my app. I’m more interested in exploring this problem at hand.

I think if the app helps, great. Did you design/create this app?

Like I said, I’m a bit older, and I’ve always been very aware of how much money I had in my spending account (as opposed to a savings account). Maybe once when I was young I found myself surprisingly overdrawn. It embarrassed the hell out of me. So, I’m not sure what the problem as you call it actually is. :idunno:

Yes. I am coding the app that I linked. I think you might not have the problem as I described. I was surprised how much I spent on beer and coffee last month.