Spending time on Forumosa? Why?

How many hours a week do you surf Forumosa?

  • less than 2
  • 2 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21 - 30
  • 31 - 40
  • 41 - 60
  • 61 - 100
  • 24/7

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On average, how many hours a week do you spend reading posts on Forumosa and responding to them? Why?

Do you leave your computer connected to Forumosa whenever you are at work or surf the internet? Why?

I tend to log on to Forumosa as soon as I turn on my computer, whether at home or in the office. If I’m busy, I won’t do more than glance in from time to time to see if anything interesting is bubbling up. If I’m not too busy, I can hardly resist lingering, browsing, and posting on any and everything that catches my interest. And sometimes, even though I am far too busy and know I shouldn’t, I just cannot restrain myself from posting on a thread that screams out for me to have my say.

When I really don’t have a minute to spare or am out and about doing other things, I can actually stay away from Forumosa for a whole day or days at a time. But it’s also very easy indeed to spend hours on end reading and posting, and the longer that I stay glued to these forums, the harder it is to drag myself away, especially if I’ve become immersed in several lively discussions.

Average time per week? Hard to put a figure on it – it could be anything from 2 or 3 hours to 15 or more.

Why do I do it? Because you’re all such fine and fun people, and it’s very pleasant to banter, debate, and pool thoughts with you. :smiley:

I don’t have a TV, so I tend to spend more time than most people entertaining myself by surfing the web. I’m on Forumosa a lot more than I’m actually reading or posting in it - because it’s my habit to have at least a couple of screens running at once, and I’ll flick back and forth between screens the way you flip back and forth between channels on TV. I’ll surf some other site for half an hour, then click on Forumosa to see if anything’s new, then click back, ad infinitum.

I’d like to answer the poll, but it all depends on what is happening on Forumosa. A good topic means I’m lookin’ at the screen all the time. But of late… hmmm… too busy. Nahh… Still on every chance I get

This was pretty addictive once I got the hang of posting because it was always interesting to see what kind of response there would be to my posts. I spent a lot more time here at first but now I am cutting way down becuase I found I was wasting too much time when I should have been doing other more productive things - like working, studying chinese, exercising, and interacting with people face to face.

Iused to leave the browser open to Forumosa all the time and continually check back to see what new posts there were but I’ve cut that out since that was just fooling myself into reading and posting more than I really had time for. Now I only fire up this site once in a while just to see what is going on and zip off a few posts.

I don’t see how some of you can spend so many hours here almost everyday writing so much. Don’t you have jobs during the day?

This is an excellent question. I post here because I like discussing things with smart people, and there are a lot of smart people posting here.

I’ve also had the chance to meet people from several different countries and walks of life here on forumosa (e.g. There aren’t many Canadians living in my home state), which is always interesting.

I’ve also benefited from things like the Restaurants forum and the Help Wanted (finding people for certain jobs), and though I’ve sometimes taken a beating for it, I’ve appreciated the insights I’ve gained into the random life question or two I’ve posted about. I’ve been branded a misogynist, a homophobe, and an asshole, and didn’t really mind it (except on that one bad hair day). Obviously I don’t feel I’m any of those things, but I enjoy questioning my own thinking and values from time to time, and the anonymity this forum provides tends to allow people to speak their minds.

This is the first online community I’ve belonged to. To me, it does feel like a bit of a real community. I’ve recommended it to a number of friends, some of whom have become regular posters.

Cheers to gus and the mods.



You expressed my feelings about Forumosa than I ever could.