Spent one day, and downloaded less

than 800 MB of (a) torrent file(s) out of the 1.8 GB.

Is it normal?

Got several error messages: unknown error with a file located at folder A.

Is it normal?

Thank you, :)!

I downloaded it from torrentspy .

Any recommended torrent sites?

Thank you very much, :)!

I’ve only used torrent once (to download linux). All I can tell you is that the downloaded speed is directly related to the upload speed (set by you).

So basically, if you set it up so that you’re “pulling your weight”, you’ll be rewarded with faster downloads (I think :blush: )

I was also suroprised at how slowly it downloaded.

I tried to set the max for the upload and download speeds, but BitLord 1.1 seems to always use its own will.

Another question: I did not choose ALLOCATE SPACE, but

why does the folder designated for the downloaded files is now 1.8 GB (what would be the total of the download),

eventhough I have only downloaded less than 900 MB.

So, the designated folder and its sub-folders, has retained their sizes, since last night- and maybe since 24 hours ago.

Could anyone explain this?

Thank you, :)!