Spices in Taichung

Hi all,
Does anyone know of a place with a good selection of spices here in Taichung? I am looking for cumin, paprika, mustard seed…
Things that are readily available back home, but not used too often in Chinese/Taiwanese cuisine.

Thanks a bunch :sunglasses:

Try the supermarkets in the big department stores, e.g. Mitsukoshi. Not sure about mustard seed, but I am pretty sure I have seen cumin and paprika there.

There is a store on ZhongShan road that has those things, it’s between ZhongHua road and SanMin road if I remember correctly, not very far from the ‘electric street’. Don’t remember the store name, but they have their name written in green.

Thanks alot, I’ll try to find it

i saw lots of spices at welcome.