Spicy and Macaroni need loving homes

Spicy and Macaroni are sisters. They were rescued from an alley when they were less than 2 months old. They were emaciated, covered in fleas and suffering with severe skin fungus. They were very hesitant to approach but were hungry enough that they did. After only a month of TLC they became much more social with people. Now, at 1 year old, they are extremely loveable, friendly, affectionate lap-cats. They are both de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Spicy & Mac are ready and waiting to go to a loving home together. If you would like more info please contact Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org

Great work you guys are doing.
i just have to comment on the last photo

Black and white one: “Touch my sister and your dead!”
tabby and white one: " Sorry she’s just a little protective."

Great photo.

Good luck and i hope they all find great homes.

Spicy and Macaroni have everything they need to move in with you today! They have a cat carrier, cat food, litter boxes and even a scratching post! Contact Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org if you’d like to adopt these 2 lovely gals.

Spicy and Mac have been in a fabulous foster home for just over a year. Their foster family is leaving Taiwan this month and can’t adopt them permanently because they will be travelling for the next year. That means that Spicy and Mac need a new foster home, or better yet, a permanent home. If you, or anyone you know, would like to adopt or foster Spicy and Mac, please contact me at Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org

Mac, what a great looking kitler:


Spicy and Mac have gone to a new foster home. Their new foster mom is taking them on a trial basis and she said that if things really work out that she will consider adopting them permanently :slight_smile: Fingers crossed for Spicy and Macaroni in their new home.

They’re gorgeous!
Fingers crossed.

Our very own SherryX actually took spicy and mac in her home.

Very best of luck to the three of you! :slight_smile: