Spiderman Costume

does anybody know where I can get a Spiderman costume for kids in Taipei?
It’s URGENT!!! :help:

phew, I thought for a minute you were going to ask for an adult size.

Toys-r-us, or even dept stores (Sogo etc) would be where I’d go to first.

<— EDIT: Actually, I think my avatar would look pretty sexy in a spiderman suit :smiley:

There is a number of shops along Chang-An West Rd, between Chongqing North Rd and Chengde Rd (Two blocks north of Taipei main station, easy walking distance), that deal in costumes / fantasy outfits / things you’ve never seen before!
If you walk north from the station in Chengde Road, you turn left into Chang-An West Rd and the shops are mostly on your right. There are also a few on the left-hand-side of the street.
I’ve seen MANY Spiderman and Superman costumes there (and others), in all sizes!

Hi truant and banshette,
thanks a lot for your replies! I found one in Tianmu, (it’s closer to our place) but I will keep the place in the train station area in mind in case my kids have new wishes!
Thanks !