I am very sad about the Spiderman movie. It had a character developemnt but there was a lot about the movie that didn’t seem right like the cheesy dialogue between MJ and anyone. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I don’t know, a lot of my friends were kinda disappointed (possibly due to too much hype again?), but I thought it wasn’t bad. They stayed fairly true to the original comic’s characters, in looks and feel. I thought they did a good job in portraying Peter Parker as just an ordinary kid dealing with what’s happening to him, and how suddenly having superpowers doesn’t make his life all better, just more complicated.
I didn’t like the effects of him jumping around all that much; a bit too ‘cartoony’ or something. And while DeFoe looks like the goblin, that character didn’t really go anywhere.

Anyways, I thought it was just kinda a fun romp; nothing earthshattering.

Yeah, too much sappy dialogue. Plus the physics were way to fake to even pretend that it could happen. And I know they wanted to be able to have kids go to it but I really wish they made it a little more brutal. Besides the Green Goblin and those guys that were instantly vaporized, no one died on screen.

Did like it and consider it a good but not great movie. I actually preferred the fact that the slow development of Spiderman himself was shown, not like in X-Men where you were given Mutants with special capabilities who immediately jumped into action.
Agree the movie is rather slow and not so much action oriented, but then it can’t be too violent if it has to appeal to kids, too, something which surely was the intention …

Well, at least that let’s me hope a potential 2nd part can do better (something which can’t be said for most sequels).

Damn, just looked at the weekend totals. In America alone for the first 3 days it make like US$110 million. I hope it beats that stinkin’ Titanic. It kills me that thats still the number one all time grosser.

I find it amusing that Stan Lee struts around proclaiming to be the creator of Spider-man and no one mentions Steve Ditko. Ditko’s art was what made Spider-man. Lee has always been infamous for taking the credit of others and skrewing comic artists and writers. Besides, he’s an old blowhard.
I also find it interesting to see the activity on eBay of sales of Amazing Fantasy 15 and Spider-man 1. Not only are the prices up, but everyone and his dog seems to be dusting off their old collections to sell (I’m holding on to my AF15, though).

If the Spiderman movie can sell tickets, I wonder if we will see The Incredible Hulk in theaters soon.

quote[quote]I wonder if we will see The Incredible Hulk in theaters soon. [/quote] ABCguy would be a good candidate for lead. [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

Why is spider-man hyphenated, but batman and superman aren’t?

quote[quote] ABCguy would be a good candidate for lead [/quote]

Do you mean because he’s quickly angered, or because of his muscular, benching 210, frame?

Actually it’d be quite coo. - an Asian director and an Asian star. “Don’t insult my culture, you won’t like me when someone insults my culture”.


The only movie i ever saw Lou Ferringo in was in Sinbad the Sailor (which they showed on cable here a few months ago.) You DON’T want to see this guy in a starring role, believe me.

Originally posted by stinkypuppy: If the Spiderman movie can sell tickets, I wonder if we will see The Incredible Hulk in theaters soon.
Interesting you should ask. Click [url=http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/05/02/MN187536.DTL]here for more info.[/url] [img]images/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img]

How about the Simpsons movie, with Geng as Ned Flanders, any ideas for the other parts.

Thanks for the “Hulk” link Maoman. I guess Hollywood is running out of new ideas. I wanted to shoot myself after sitting through the entire Brady Bunch movie, but couldn’t find a gun in Taiwan. Sorry for the sidetrack Miss Umeko.

And what happened to Taiwan’s Ang Lee after Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

…the Incredible Hulk

Hope they keep the cool theme tune, I always felt so sorry for that dude moping around, he was even sadder than the Guy in the original Fugitive TV series.

quote[quote] Why is spider-man hyphenated, but batman and superman aren't? [/quote]

Spider-man is a man who aquired super powers. In a sense he is part spider and part man.
Batman is a man but has no super powers and has no part of him that is a bat; he just has neat gadgets to fight crime (because criminals murdered his parents in front of him when he was a boy).
Superman is not a man at all; rather an alien from a now-destroyed world, Krypton.
…and now you know the rest of the story…

probably a rival studio had registered “Spiderman” already. Remember Nicolas Cage wanted to produce it with him in it.