Split The Ukraine

Given the current uncertainty over whether Viktor Y. won the Ukrainian presidential election or whether Viktor Y. won it, wouldn’t it be an easier option just to split The Ukraine down the middle as Viktor Y. got most of his votes in the West and Viktor Y. got most of his in the East. One half (those who voted for Viktor Y.) get the East (to be re-named Novo-Rossiya) and the other half (those who voted for Viktor Y.) get the western half (to be re-named Wielka-Polska)

That way everyone is happy and everyone is a Viktor.


… ups seems the Russian population is really having the same idea now.

Useful blog about the Ukraine here.

Very little from Fido Smythe about the Ukraine; perhaps he cannot deal with decent democrats and upstanding liberal minded people possibly rightfully gaining power instead of a fascist ex-con dictator-wannabe who clearly robbed the Ukrainian people of their say the first time around zzzzzzz

BroonArchangelsk (which is on the White Sea and nowhere near Ukraine I know)

Broon Ale:

In Korea the past few days. Have you not read my endless rants on Ukraine for these past two years. I am naturally highly pleased but will continue to monitor with caution the shift toward the Orange. Let’s hope this is resolved peacefully and in a fair and just manner. Don’t tell me that these crooks and their supporters in the Kremlin are just going to take this lying down. I don’t fuckign believe it. Something could still happen to upset our little applecart.

[quote=“fred smith”]Broon Ale:

Have you not read my endless rants on Ukraine for these past two years. [/quote]



Check out Europe Needs to Look East and Why is no one paying attention to the Ukraine and just Ukraine. I have brought this up three times over the past nearly two years and no one was ever interested before the election took place. I often brought this up in the context of Iraq as in…

Why the hell is Germany wasting its time fighting with the US over Iraq a country of third-rate importance to it and its strategic interests while ignoring the potential for major instability in the Ukraine.

I also frequently suggested to Robi that he may have 5 million Ukrainians swarming across the border in event of major civil unrest to which he seemed most similar to Nero and his fiddle.

Let me stress again, I don’t buy anyone in the crooked political circles of the Ukraine or the powers that be in the Kremlin just taking this shift to the Orange lying down. We could be in for some very rocky seas yet. I just do not trust those people and they are very very ruthless. Why would they suddenly throw in the towel and give up everything that they have stolen because of a few noises from the EU. If nothing, they have learned that the EU and European citizenry will sit there and do NOTHING in the event that they decide to institute a major and violent crackdown and coup. I am still VERY worried about this.

I hear that the Dutch are providing all the scarves for the demonstartions in Kiev.


Fred, :laughing: you dont buy anything unless it has “made in the USA” stamped all over it. :laughing: :laughing:

I’ll buy that for a dollar! haha

Yup, so the bubbles in his face are caused by dioxin. Given to him by the state secret service as their contribution to win the election.

I really admire this guy, still fighting although his health must be totally ruined. I think we all remember the Seveso posioning with dioxin in Italy. Suicidal rate is very high after dioxin poisoning. If you survive it, you usually kill yourself - for the changes your face goes trough for example.

As Putin was sending his security forces dressed up as Ukrainian soldiers, I am quite sure he was informed about such measures to “protect his Great Russia”.

Russian style to win elections. Poison your opponents or put them in jail.

Now the Ukrainian russian-friendly president feels being pursued by the US. Yup, I wish that was true. Poison him with maple syrup or something.

Looks like I scored big on predicting this outcome. Too bad about the utter lack of German and eu leadership back when something might have saved the day

Yes, good call, Fred.

… and nice grave dig, BTW. 13 years is not a record, but still…

Many times in my life I’ve been in a position to say “I told you so.” It gets old after half a dozen times.

Citation please. :slight_smile:

Almonds are being activated again in that area.

The schoolboy error the Ukraine made was giving up its nuclear arsenal. There would be no issue if they hadn’t done that.