Spoilers (Really! Don't read this!)

His wife did it.

Presumed Innocent

After her sex change operation.

The 6th Sense

He was a ghost all the time.

The ship shinks.


Col. Mustard, with the lead pipe, in the drawing room.


In the end, they put his giblets. And it looked very painful.


The kid can see him because Bruce Willis is a dead person.

In Fight Club, get this - Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are the same guy!

The Crying Game? She’s a he!

Neo is an anagram for One and like Christ he sacrifices his life to save humanity.

They shoot Old Yeller.

Darth is Luke’s father! Princess Leia is Luke’s sister!

Charlton Heston didn’t land on another planet populated by apes! It’s Earth! In the future! You bastards!

Rosebud is a sled!

People! People! Soylent Green is made out of PEOPLE!

In the Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey IS Keyser Soze!


G. finds the Sarmoung brotherhood; a big song-and-dance routine follows.

The retarded guy escapes from the cube and enters an unknown, but luminous, future.

The kidnapped Russian soldier is freed by his Chechen captor, who in turn is bombed by Russian helicopers, tragically killing him and his daughter while the soldier watches.

The movie about Armenia is having its premier that very night; they obviously didn’t need the curly-headed kid’s film. In fact he really was smuggling drugs from Turkey disguised as film cannisters–but what is truth? Oh, and the old guy retires.

On discovering her plot to defraud one of their own, the circus freaks make the blonde girl “one of us”.

Lola runs and…oh, forget it I can’t remember how this one ends.

Who spilled the Tubby Custard?

It was Po who spilled the Tubby Custard.

Edmund Gwenn is Santa.