The Creature Creator has been released.

Fun stuff. I’ll definitely be getting the full game when it’s released.

Why pay for something that comes with the game anyway? Patience, my pet, patience…

There’s a free trial version of the creature creator. That’s what I’m playing with. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with the real thing today, yep it’s out finally. I’m not very good at it yet. And it’s sickeningly cute.

Read a fairly negative review of it today… first negative one I’ve seen.
Claimed it was more of a smart toy to play around with than a game to play through; but that approached worked well enough with The Sims.

Has it been worth the wait?

Haven’t played the game, but there are a few bits of warning you should look at.

Due to EA’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) policy, it is receaving a lot of negative reveiws on online sites like Amazon.com. The worst part of the new DRM is that you can only install your copy of Spore 3 times, ever. To make this clear, deleting the game and re-installing it on the same machine does not count, however, if you install it on another machine or after a OS re-install it does count. So for those that often have to re-install thier OS, I would advise not getting the game as you will have to buy another copy after the third install.

This is all done in the attempt to stop piracy of the game. But EA apparently has no idea how to stop it. This game will be cracked and on the net in a few weeks, for those that have no moral objection to pirated software, enjoy. The “honest” folk will be the ones suffering after the third activation as your game become a $50US coaster.

There are also reports of the game not being released with the promised level of quality and content. Again I have not played the game and did not follow it until a few days ago, so these reports could be nothing more than the normal whining about lofty goals and real world attainment of said goals. Its a game, not all visions of a game can be created as the designs wish it to be.

Basically, if you don’t care about the DRM issue or the fact that it costs $50US, buy the game and see if you have fun. If you enjoy it post a review online (either here or the retailers site).

To add to the negatives that are comming out:

People I trust say “the first 2 parts are awsom. Then the game goes down hill fast.”

It seems that getting in to armor and hats can mess up the creature you made so carefuly then the vehicles hide it all together.

I’d forgotten about this. It must have been like 2 years ago I watched the promo on Youtube. At the time I thought I’d probably buy this game, but this DRM stuff makes me angry. I might have to pirate it on principle.


I still hold to the principle that it’s not pirating unless I am on a boat, wearing an eye patch and at least muttering argggg.

Aargh, this accursed torrent is broken. Me hearties.

Correction, it is already cracked and this includes all of the addition media for it. I would have to say that EA’s policy poked a few DRM fanatics the wrong way. There are several different cracks now available at your local torrent site.

i still think the game has a few hours of fun on it… so i will wait maybe 1 or 2 months before i get it from a torrent…

obviously does not work on pre-Intel macs (processor rather than system dependent). grrrr.