Sporting Gloats

Yup, one step closer to a Cubs-Bosox series. And Clemens will be up against his old team and pitching against Martinez. Doesn’t get much better than that.


it had been 25 years,back in college days of kellen at mizzou, since the tigers beat nebraska. until today.

i am giddy with joy and didn’t even know i still cared.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]AWOL. we didn’t forget, it was bloody obvious to everybody, even the yanks would get that wouldn’t they? :wink:


Hah, this yank has been in Taiwan too long, knew right off. Don’t ask me who’s in the world series though!

Only one sport matters anyway–HARNESS RACING, ha

daltongang, living in Melbourne I used to do the odd trip out to Moonee Valley to watch the harness racing with the mates and a wallet full of shrapnel, but the ponies races crap all over the trots. Would love to find a bar with a TAB account where I could watch the spring carnival, Oaks Day, ladies day, mmm, now that’d be sweet.

IF you boys are keen there is an annual ANZACS v the Poms cricket match organised thru the British School. Give them a call as they are always looking for numbers. There is also a comp run by the Indian community I believe. And finally, the ICB came thru last year looking at setting up some sort of formal cricket thing… the future looks bright - I gotta wear :sunglasses:

You have some good pacers down there Amos but the problem is the small tracks. Mile-track harness racing like we have in the States is another game altogether. I’ve been having a good year playing with a mate of mine from Melbourne too, his whole family has been going to see the runners for years and he said the same thing about the trots but he’s catching on now :slight_smile:

What is going on with the Chiefs? Did they pay other teams to lose?


Funny, I’d always imagined you as an Australian. The name Daltongang with the picture of a trotter would look right at home on the wall of any old local Sydney pub. The trots are are funny thing in Oz; always more crooked than the the normal racing. It tends to be insiders that make it lucky and the occasional punter that discards the form guiode and goes for the name or the number.

Funnily enough I learnt to ride horses at a school full of former trotters. I’ve since proved the damage wasn’t permanent. :wink:


I refer you back to my previous post about watching my dear old dad scrub his dentures, the result of a cricket mishap. Nothing but tennis balls in backyards, or dare I raise the ire of Freddy “the red baiter” Smith, French cricket.

Back to you Wolf. Sorry, I have to declare my ignorance on Cubs and Misery. Although I was a miserable scout till they kicked me out for smoking. :wink:


Ha, that’s pretty funny, never set foot south of Bali. The common conception in the States is that the trots are more crooked too. For a while it was true, though I don’t think the flats have ever been squeaky clean either. The game took so many hits from race fixing scandals that it’s largely cleaned up its act. Don’t know about the game in Australia much at all, but on the small tracks it’s definitely easier for the drivers to fool around. Actually though the thing harness has going for it in the US is form. The steady and tough Standardbreds race week in week out and very true to form. A little homework on the charts and replays–the best tracks have them on-line now in the States–and if you know what you’re looking at you can get a good handle on the form. A little patience and knowing how to bet against the crowd can keep you consistently in the game.

It appears it’s Ricky Ponting’s turn now - Ponting 137 not out at stumps on day 2. [/quote]

I got your yankees right here. this is what I am talking about:
say no more.

I’m sure you Aussies will be crowing over this one: A second-string Australian bowling attack has just demolished the Kiwis in a one-day international, skittling them out for a paltry 97, and after 14 overs of their reply, the Ozbods are coasting to victory at 76-1.

Nothing in American college football is better than watching the University of Michigan Wolverines tear Ohio State to shreds 35-21 and wreck their national championship hopes. And to make it even sweeter, the defending national champion Buckeyes choked in front of a record crowd of 112,118 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. :smiley: