Sports Bar in/near Hsinchu

Does anyone know of a sports bar in/near Hsinchu ? Would like to see some of the olympics

You could try the Pig&Whistle though they do have quite a reputation for pissing of their foreign clientele. You know, the all-English-commentary-no-commercial-breaks-on-the-big-screen-digital-satellite-feed gimmick they pull just to get you in. So sad… but if you do decide to go, wait until the sport is actually ON TV and in ENGLISH with no COMMERCIAL breaks as they promised before you order anything. :fume:

Rather give 4Q2 a try. Situated on No. 33 - 50 Min Tsu Road, very close to the Sol Hotel. Nice owners (Nigel and Nu-Nu), nice patrons, nice food, wide selection of beers, etc. Oh yeah, they won’t bullshit you. They have 3 TV’s, all on sports channels - not necessarily in English, but then they won’t promise you anything to the contrary. Give it a try. :laughing:

I concur, 4Q2 has great fun, cool owners and a laid back fun atmosphere. I have great memories of watching the last World Cup there. I’m sure they’ll be showing lots of Olympics.

On the topic of 4Q2: Did you know that in the last year Nigel and Nu-Nu raised and donated about a NT$ 150 000 to charitable organizations in Hsinchu city? To an orphanage (couple of times) and to the typhoon flood victims most recently. The money came from fund-raisers organized by Nigel and his wife, and supported by the local drinking community. Any other pubs doing the same?


I’ve attempted to start a thread on 4Q2 (see above). Please add your 2 cent’s worth because this place deserves more coverage, not just because of the great food and friendly service but also because of Nigel and Nu-Nu’s very admirable community spirit which you brought to light



My 2 cent’s worth: 4Q2 has a range of specials every week, ranging from a teacher’s night on Tuesdays, to daily specials on food, to the TADS (Thursday After Work Drinking Society). Now here’s a ‘society’ worth joining: membership NT 500 which entitles you to 50% discount on any meal and the second beer you order for free on Thursday nights (obviously). Memberships are sold twice a year, limited to 20 or so members. Nigel bakes his own bread and pies. Oh yeah, 4Q2 doesn’t serve french fries, they serve chips - handcut and from real potatoes. Incredible all-day English breakfast on Sunday.

Sorry to bore you with this Ziggy, you probably go more often than I do. To those who haven’t been, go check it out.

Pig & Whistle and 4q2. P&W’s quality has kinda slid. Service is getting poorer, more staff who aren’t concenred with being bilingual (and they simply dont’ want to ehar my Chinese, so what is the player gonna do?). The music they pipe in downstairs is the kiss of death. Too bad. I quite like Tim, the pub’s owner. Nice cat.

4q2 is far too small, but the atmosphere is always decent and there’s rarely a negative vibe in the place. Better food and service and better music than the P&W. It’s also close to the B-52: the BESt music selection of ANY pub in Hsinchu - and a lOT of it is on VINYL! Not a sports pub, though. However, it is nice ot go in there, grab some brews and watch wrestling.

4q2 just needs to get rid of the chickensh#t “lawyer rock” once in a while. Not a big complaint.

Sports or no sports - AVOID The Flying Pig like the plague.