Sports Bars in Taipei?

Hi, can someone give me a quick list of sports bars in Taiwan, preferably with addresses and phone numbers? I’d like to call can see if they show american football game. Thanks.

The Tavern and the Brass Monkey are the two most popular. Tavern does mainly football and motorsports and the Brass Monkey does mainly rugby I think.
Don’t know which one, if either, bothers with American football, though. I suppose if people want to see it they would show it.

I usually pop into the Tavern for some fish and chips when I’m up in Taipei. They have a lot of TVs and all showing sports. Although, I’m always there for dinner when hardly anyone is in the place - not sure what it’s like at other times.

And if anyone knows a better fish and chip place, let me know. Preferably Aussie style, but I’ll take anything.

The Tavern-Premier does show almost every sport including NFL, we have a good crowd for NFL live games (we show the ones with the most popular teams live) as well as repeats on Monday night. We typically show three games, starting from 6pm. Season starts in two weeks. Just check our home page under schedule nearer to the time. You can also see the menu there which is not only Fish and Chips.

thanks guys…I was actually looking into college football games…called up the bars, no one shows them. I guess I’ll look into other options.

I don’t think they have their satellite dish installed yet, but later on you might try this place:

The Terminal
349 Neihu Rd. Sec 2 (behind DeAn Dept. Store in Neihu)
(02) 2794-8052