Sports coverage in Taipei Times

Dear Sports Fans
Can anybody explain to me why, every single day (except for about two pages a week, they are noticable in their difference) I open up the Taipei Times’s sports pages, they are covered in American sports? WHY is there no coverage of the South East Asian Games (but coverage of downhill skiing)? WHY is there no coverage of cricket (but coverage of American College Football)? WHY is there no coverage of local Taiwan sports (but pages and pages of NBA)?
Is the Taipei Times being sponsored by Americans? Or is it a newspaper catering for foreigners in Taiwan?
WHAT is going on here? Can somebody please explain this?
I asked the self-introduced “sports editor” of the Taipei Times the same question the other night in a bar. Maybe it was too late, or maybe he didn’t understand me, but apart from a few “fuck offs” I’m still none the wiser.
I’ll be reading the EXCELLENT sports pages of the Taiwan News while I wait for an answer.
Concerned reader and sports fan

I’ll be reading the EXCELLENT sports pages of the Taiwan News while I wait for an answer.

There is your answer. Problem solved.

Did you really get “a few “f*ck offs”” for your question?
Might be more to this story, eh

I generally rotate which paper I read as they are pretty much all crap. The Taipei Times has really slipped since I first picked up a copy about 6 years ago. Spelling and grammar has really gone downhill.

If you are a rugby/cricket enthusiast you probably wouldn’t even bother turning to the sports section of the Taipei Times. The China Post seems to be more universal.

I personally really like the Taipei Times sports section. It seems to give you not just AP articles, but also some good sports opinion.

You can’t please everyone. If you’re editor gives you 2 pages, you have to make a decision. Most of your readers are North American inclined so you have to go that way. There’s just not enough space. Heck, I think we’re the only country in Asia where you can’t watch normal English football coverage on TV for gosh sakes. (I suspect brought to you by the Tavern). But the NBA and MLB are on a ton and we even get some of the NFL games too.

I can remember the days of the half page sport sections so there’s no way I can complain about the newspapers now.

I think if you want to read English/Australian sports, the internet has taken up the slack. (Are they same country now or have their citizens just swapped places?). In the end You have to write to those who will read your paper.