🏟 Sports Venues | Taipei Dome

It was designed to resemble a bamboo stalk. It turned out to look like a stack of Chinese food takeout boxes.

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Pretty sure SYS Memorial Hall has AC running 24/7

The only Taiwan domes worth their weight in salt IMO.


Took off and returned to their homeworld, unfortunately.

Or at least that’s what I like to think.


Seen a couple land elsewhere. Daan taipei and Jhiben taitung for example haha. here to stay!

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The old Kao Station building is still there (moved a bit) and under renovation as a heritage site.

And this station is there with the new one behind it

Getting closer

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The opening of Taipei Dome has been postponed once more after the building failed a fire safety inspection last month. :firefighter:


What an ugly hulking structure. :neutral_face:



It will look ok once the facade is uniform in appearance. At least I hope that’s the plan.

All these delays remind me of the Taichung MRT, every year you hear delayed by a year.

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They want to be operational in 2023-24.

When is the old Taipei dome ever going to open?

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Taipei mayor candidate added carbon emissions as a major problem of the Dome.

How could carbon emissions be any worse than other buildings unless they left out that consideration in the requirements.

I wonder who will use this building, maybe basketball games, seems not many watch base ball as before. Or and maybe the Paris football will play there .

I don’t know this candidate, but I do vividly remember how the developers of that site cut down a bunch of old trees on Guangfu Road to clear the way for this monstrosity.

Frankly speaking, it would have been far better to make this space into a lovely city park—it would have been a brilliant complement to SYS Memorial Hall across the street. But then the greedy developers would not have made off with their money.



Taiwan doesn’t have a domed stadium, so I don’t object to it. It could be a nice place to eat, go shopping, see a movie and catch a game all in one convenient spot. They might be able to attract big name performers too. I just hope the outside eventually looks like the concept art.

It’s just three more misukoshis and a fucking Sogo

It’s not going to. The outside is just going to be that rusty steel look that you are seeing now.


Ugh… Taipei Tie Dan
A park would have been better.