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The sad thing is it was a forest before construction.


It’s in such a ridiculous location. I really think would have been much better where the concourse is by main station. At least you have the transport links.

Sun Yat-sen is on the blue line and the busiest line in rush hour. There isn’t really another MRT line in the Vicinity

Zhongxiao is probably the busiest road in the whole country

What absolutely idiot thought was a good idea to put a 40,000 seater stadium there

Twas a bumbler called Ma Ying-jeou

The old blue guy I know says was Chen Shui Bian.

But at no point did anyone not consider the ridiculous location?

Who goes to shopping malls now? Boomers and people who want to use the air conditioning.

All the new malls in Taipei are struggling. They just tore down a mall round the corner because of lack of business

I complained about the dome and he sent me ten articles from the 90s showing was Chen fault. Which ididnt really care about

The old blue guy is an idiot.

When CSB was still the mayor of Taipei, the old Taipei baseball stadium was still intact. CSB even threw the opening pitch there. It was Ma Ying-jeou who torn down the old baseball stadium on December 1st of 2000. By then CSB was already the first non-KMT president in Taiwan’s history.

CSB planned to build a domed baseball stadium at the site of the old Taipei baseball stadium, which was what all baseball professionals and fans hoped for. However, CSB lost his second mayoral election, and Ma Ying-jeou took over.

When Ma Ying-jeou torn down the old stadium that’s he promised he would also build a domed baseball stadium at the site, but he lied, and built an concert hall that sometimes is used as a basketball field instead.

He then selected the current site of the disaster that is the Taipei dome on July 9 2002 over the protest of environmentalists who wanted to protect the forest in the middle of the city. 20 years later, it’s still the biggest disaster in Taipei’s history after Martial law ended.

What carbon emission?

Concerts, other events, Disney on Ice, it’s multi functional building.

It already does. They planted lots of new trees.

The roof is titanium which oxidizes and has discoloration, they already tried what paint will stick to it and keeps it better looking.

Wait ten years, they are working on new lines passing by it.

I’ve heard some folks argue that Mayor Ma’s destruction of the night market at Taipei Circle (at Nanjing Chongqing) was worse. :grin:


Not saying the circle food court built by Ma wasn’t a huge waste of money and a wasteland, but at least most decent food stands just moved across the street to the Ningxia night market.

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Let’s not forget his renaming of the streets to the New York system, first avenue etc.

The guy was a waste of space.


Not the best we’ve had, that’s for sure.

He was handsome though while jogging.



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That’s not jogging! :rofl:


Many moons ago I ran against him in a race.

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Hey next time let us know. I’d vote for you over that guy! :grin:



That old night market and others like the one in front of Longshan Temple had to go at one point, safety hazards filled with rats and what not. The replacement was a total failure of course.

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