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Who ever come to Taiwan? musician just go to Japan and Korea. I don’t why they need a super stadium in Taiwan

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If you build it, they will come?


But can they evacuate? The bozos who rejigged the original design to put that ridiculous structure square up with Zhongxiao and Guangfu evidently never cared enough to ask.



I thought the dome was taken over by Softbank and this Thai Chinese guy.

At this stage it needs to get finished. At least it won’t be a collosal waste of space and rottong away. Evacuation tunnels must go out to Sunyatsen park. Some parts seem problematic though as it’s squashed right up to the pavement. If you see large stadiums in other countries they usually have a fairly wide space all around the perimeter (not always cos old ones are often surrounded by residential housing , but any new ones should).

That’s the thing, the capacity of the stadium isn’t 60,000. In fact, the stadium can only seat 40,071 at game time.

All the extra 20,000 or even the extra 30,000 as Farglory originally wanted is for their planned shopping mall that takes over much of the area.

The dome is only about 40% of the entire area, and the Farglory mall, business building and hotel is over 60% of the area.

The Taipei Dome has been protested all the way back in 2006, when environmentalists realized that the Ma Yingjiu city government had granted Farglory to remove most of the old trees in the Songyan historical park to make way for the mall. If they stuck to the original design by the Japanese architect, that got Farglory awarded for the project, most of the trees would have been kept.

This project has been a greedy money grab since its inception.


Yes I remember the protests well.
Most Taipei citizens didn’t give a shit, just some dedicated folks (more like a few hippies and tree lovers) did try to stop them cutting down all the trees and the land grab.

Taipei citizens have themselves to blame for not caring about their own city.


I intend to blow it all up on November 5th.

Bear Fawkes.

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It’s done all the time.

Not so much. It needs to be extreme before that happens.

So… the Taipei City government held another meeting to review Farglory’s disaster evacuation simulation.

Farglory still failed to come up with several simulations, including one for the worst case scenario. At one point of the meeting, Farglory conceded to making adjustments to allow people more time during evacuation.

However, the head of the Urban Development Bureau, Huang Jing-mao (黃景茂), who has been favoring Farglory since he replaced renowned architect Lin Jou-min, forced to let Farglory pass without committing to any future changes, or future review of new modifications, disregarding protests from city councilors.

The simulations has been a major point of conflict between Farglory, and the city government. Four years ago, Lin Jou-min led Urban Development Bureau wanted the simulation to be run with the SimTread software, but Farglory insisted they would only use the EXODUS software.

Since Lin’s removal, Farglory has been granted to only use EXODUS for their simulations, but now they blame the requirements for the worst case scenario too unrealistic, causing EXODUS to stall and crash.

The worst case scenario included a couple parameters:

  1. Impatience to be turned on. When impatience is on, simulated people would be rushing ahead, disregarding congestions.

  2. Familiarity to be turned off. According to the makers of EXODUS, when familiarity is turned on, simulated people would be assigned random number of familiarity, which affects how fast they are able to make route decisions at each juncture. When turned all, every single simulated person would have 0 familiarity with the escape routes.

Farglory claims these settings are crashing the software, and the makers of the EXODUS came out with this statement:


In the statement the makers of EXODUS simply states that the program is currently not optimized for both of these settings to be turned on, therefore the program would run very slowly, but the program hasn’t crashed. The makers of the program also stated that turning both on may or may not be appropriate for the intended scenario, and did not out right said these parameters shouldn’t be turned on at the same time.

From my perspective, I think in an emergency situation in Taiwan, impatience should absolutely be on, and familiarity if not completely off, should have a larger ratio simulated people assigned with low values.

That’s not even the worse case scenario, that’s just a Tuesday on this island.

As for Farglory, they cannot shove the program of their choice, force everyone to accept it, then complain about how the program is running too slow.

Yet apparently they can because they got a man in the city government.


Let’s build a baseball stadium, that’s not even qualified to play baseball in, in the middle of the busiest road in Taipei City. That seems like a good idea right? Lulzzz


They can always turn it into a permanent night market!

Mayor Ke P said on the news original capacity was 90,000 and they reduced it to 60,000. Then they can increase capacity later.

Wikipedia says 40k for games, 50k for things like concerts. No way they would even propose a stadium that is twice that size? That would be larger than any stadium or arena in China.

At 6:00 in this news report.



Good grief, that’s insane.

I was doubting that you’d heard it somewhere and edited my post above to include the links I mentioned.

Just as I read this I am receiving FB alerts of posts remembering a tragedy at a stadium in El Salvador 23 years ago. It also had the capacity for 50 thousand people, but they oversold capacity using fake tickets. People started pushing to get in, there was an avalanche of people. Over 70 dead in the crowd.

Safety measures are no joke, especially under such crowded conditions.

If you have any sense you’d never set foot in that place.

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Has this thing moved anywhere closer to completion in the last year or two? Where is it at now?

They’re doing what appears to be some serious work on it. They have more people working on this than on the MRT lines and the outside looks like a version of a semi-finished building.

Though I don’t think they will ever have 50k people for an event, evacuation of that would be a mess. I have a friend who was formerly in charge of campus security for a uni in the US that has one of the largest stadiums in the US and they literally have thought of everything - for evacuation, they have probably a dozen exits and a parking lot that holds cars for nearly every person inside and still are concerned about things like concerts (as opposed to games, where a lot of people sit in the same seats every night).

Toss in 50k people coming out in an emergency, streaming through a mall and movie theater in order to empty out into some of the busiest roads in Taipei…I mean, you would shoot that down if it was a class project for students.