🏟 Sports Venues | Taipei Dome

Now the commies know where to bomb.

Does anyone know if the bullpens in the dome are in an out of play area, like any normal pro baseball stadium, instead of in foul territory but in play, like all our other third-world baseball stadiums?

Second world man. There are far worse.

Intercontinental and tien mu are nice stadiums.

Tainans no good. The one in Hsinchu is a portal to 1979. Taoyuans is non descript, same w chen ching hu. They could all use a good scrubbing.

How hard is it to put the bullpen out of play? No one sits in the outfield bleachers anyway.

The new Fubon stadium doesn’t even have a bullpen out of play.

Eh, I don’t mind. I like watching relievers warm up…

They are finishing the roof (titanium) and sandblast, paint the steel framing, close it up to be weather proof and on Zhongxiao they are putting drainage, sewers all the way alongside the bowl.

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Bullpens will simply have to be put out of play because of its ridiculously small foul territory.


I believe Lamigo’s home stadium in Taoyuan also have indoor bullpens.


Dang, sit on the 1B or 3B line at your own peril there…

Who the hell designed this clusterf*k.

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Mall and hotel operators.


So, is this dome one giant case of graft/money laundering/corruption and is now most likely Taipei’s white elephant?

they’ll get on with it once there’s a new mayor

I believe it’s almost complete now and continuing towards completion ?

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Taiwan hosts an unusually high number of international tournaments. We can really use this dome.


…Which is why it is so frustrating that the dome cannot bebe used for those since it does not comply to most basic international sports regulations due to the unnecessary and illogical cost profiteering changes made by the company without approval.


Then tear that piece of hud down and rebuild.

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I’ve suggested the same thing before.


Did anyone get arrested for building this thing?

When Ko first became mayor, he once said “The fact that Zhao Tengxiong isn’t in jail is a tragedy of the Taiwan judicial system”.

Someone has replace that Ko Wen-je since late 2016.