Spotify Alternative?

Hello, it seems that free Spotify doesn’t work in Taiwan and wondered if any of you guys could recommend an alternative? and youtube are ok but I was hoping for something more in the style of Spotify.

Grooveshark looks interesting, but I hear is not particulary legal.

You could have your own Spotify style with your musics, etc…
Through Subsonic
(With some friends, we share an instance of subsonic, very nice !)

Sounds interesting, wish i’d known about that when I was living with friends. This place seems pretty good!

It doesn’t look like there is a clear alternative. I think spotify premium is possible if you pay from within your home country.

You can use Spotify in Taiwan: simply download an application called “Spotflux”.

Sound Cloud

I found a different work around if I share my account with someone in the uk then it resets my location. I’ll check out this spotflux though.

Last.FM works for you? Today I was trying to set it up in my player, and it says it’s not allowed…

Just run Spotflux and both and Spotify will work regardless of your actual location.

How typical. Spotflux does not have a Linux client. I’ll have to keep looking.

I tried Spotflux, but after it reconfigured my connection I can no longer access my NAS. Ugh.

Yeah that is admittedly the down side of Spotflux: it takes over all of your network connections, that is why Spotify et al have no way of finding out you are in fact not in the US. The speed is also decent, Youtube 720p works without any lag.

I guess I need to figure out how to reset those settings. Wow, was that ever not worth doing.