Spouse of Taiwanese Going Back to College

Hi , good day, just want to ask , if a spouse of a taiwanese , want to go back school (college) , is that possible here in taiwan?? And what is the process or requirement?? And where can we consult??? Thank you in advance

You should consider doing online programs from a non profit accredited school. It’s becoming more common and they typically don’t say they’re online on the diploma or anything else if you’re worried about the negative stigma from employers.

I have 3 years of credits from a brick and mortar and transferred them to another brick and mortar school with a good online program to allow me to be in Italy to finish up. It’s great. I study on my own time and can do it anywhere.

Just makes sure it’s from a reputable accredited school and not one of those for profit schools that only have online. Most brick and mortar schools are moving towards more online as more adults want to return to school while working.

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Yes. There is a percentage of slots allocated for new immigrants/spouses. You could consult in the National Immigration Agency or the Ministry of Education websites. Local household might have some info.

Language proficiency might be required so you could look into local Chinese lessons and other programs tailored for foreign spouses.


Thank you very much for this info

Thank you so much for this info​:blush::blush::blush:

That really depends what you want to do with your degree.
If you want a Master’s to teach English in Taiwan, for example, at the time I was researching this they didn’t allow on line degrees or courses. Even from prestigious colleges.
Could someone give us an update on the current situation.

That’s weird, so if I take 1 online course in my time it’s not valid? Even when I went to a brick and mortar school, I had one course on medical terminology online.

I’m also confused on how they would know it’s online if it’s a accredited degree. They wouldn’t say an online degree to my knowledge.

I agree. Search the earlier posts on this issue.
I guess, if you apply for local credentials, they could audit your degree and find out.

Here is one example.
They’ve since made an alternative pathway for foreigners to be able teach in the public and private primary and secondary schools.
But, if a Master’s is required, it looks like they may contact your school while evaluating your credentials.
This only refers to the Ministry of Education for people who want to teach. I’d guess it’s up to your specific industry of interest what credentials are acceptable or not.
"I asked my friend about his situation and this is how he replied:

The MOE rule, last promulgated in October 2006, states
that those with “correspondence” degrees will not be
accepted as instructors at Taiwan universities. It’s
infuriating, but there it is…"
Source:Distance learning degrees

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