Spouse of Taiwanese Teaching in Public High School

I called the Department of Education. Asked them if I could teach in a public High School. They said no because I am a “foreigner” and foreigners are forbidden from teaching in public high school in Taiwan. That’s the law.

The person also said, even if I was allowed to teach in a High Scool that I would need to have a degree in teaching from a local university’s education department to do it.

This directly contradicts what the NNFS website has on this topic. Who is right?

I side with the NNFS website. Also, please be aware that with the new revisions to Employment Services Act in 2002, as a foreigner with an ARC based on marriage to an ROC national, you can obtain unrestricted work rights in the ROC, a so-called “Open Work Permit.”

With an OWP, you can teach in any public or private school, as long as they express the desire to hire you. There is no need for the employer to file any further applications.

As of May 13, 2003, a foreign spouse (married to a Taiwan national) with residency rights based on marriage does not need to apply for a work permit. Period.

That is in Article 48 of the revised Employment Services Act.

But do you still need to be recognised as a ‘proper’ teacher, or is a TEFL (or whatever) sufficient?