Spouse visa/ARC

I was hoping someone might be able to advise on the getting a spouse visa.

I am married to a Taiwanese citizen and we are in the process of moving to Taiwan. However I have hit a brick wall regarding getting the application started.
I would like to arrive with a spouse visa in hand and have the necessary police certificates etc. However the Taiwan Rep Office can only start the application with a registered address in Taiwan - which we do not have.

Do I need to arrive, arrange appropriate accommodation then apply as I would then have an address? Is there a way to obtain a registered address without being in Taiwan?

We seem to have been caught in a cunning Catch-22 before we even set foot on the island.



Is your wife a Taiwanese citizen with household registration, or without? If she has household registration then just use that address. If she doesn’t…I’m not sure you can apply for that visa.

But I also don’t think any offices are actually issuing new visas at the moment due to COVID rules.

Use the address that’s on her ID card.

No she does not have any household registration.

We are looking to arrive mid-2022 so would like to get the ball rolling.

Thanks. Let me check and see if that would work

If she doesn’t have household registration, she doesn’t have citizenship rights. She’ll need to re-establish household registration in order for the JFRV to work.


As Marco said, without household registration she herself does not have right of abode, and therefore you cannot apply for a JFRV.

Following was announced today at CECC:

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That could be good news as we are in HK

Here is the updated news!


Thanks very much sherry24

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