Spouse Visa

i have a question regarding spouse…
i m from india and have a ROC and ARC stuff…
for a new couple ,now how can they go abt having a Spouse Visa.
if the marriage is outside taiwan and both partners are foreigners how can a ARC holder go abt obtaining ROC for her wife,.
if any one can suggest …it would be a great help…!!!

Our experience is as follows:

We’re from Canada, and found out after the fact (my wife had already joined me in Taiwan) that our marriage certificate had to be stamped as legal by the Taiwan Economic Office in Canada before we could apply for a spousal visa.

Because we had not done this we had to beg and plead for some way out of the mess. They finally allowed us to go to Taipei and have our marriage certificate and statement regarding the legality of the certificate notarized by the Canadian Economic Trade Office. Even then it was a big hassle, and for a moment we thought they wouldn’t even accept that. The same thing applies if you have a child; you must get their birth certificate stamped by the Taiwan Economic Office in your home country.

Hope this helps.