Spouse: Which to get PR or 3 year ARC?

Hi. It’s ARC renewal time again. I’m wondering what would be a better choice to get. Should I get my 3-year ARC or try to get PM status?

Last year, I was denied the three year ARC last year because the police stated I’m wasn’t eligible because I wasn’t married for three years yet.

I’ve been legally in Taiwan for over five years at this point.

Lastly, if I choose the three-year ARC, do I have to wait until it is about to expire before going for my PR Status?
PS: Please point me to the on-line information about getting PR status.

My friend has tried to get a PR Visa, although he isn’t married.

He says it’s nothing but hassle. I have a three-year visa, and quite frankly, I don’t see any real advantages in changing at the moment, though I may not have a full grasp of the situation.