Spreadsheet for PHP forum

I’m setting up a website for the hockey league using Joomla, and have run into a snag.

There don’t seem to any decent add-ons to track hockey stats, only European football leagues.

I’m looking for something with this kind of functionality.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Google Docs is a wonderful utility for that… you can share or publish spreadsheets… Seems perfect for what you want.

Take a look at one spreadsheet I created using it. It’s linked here and explains a little how to use it.


I’ve used Google Docs in the past, but wasn’t aware (and don’t see in the link provided) where or how to publish on an open site, where a couple hundred others will be able to view, but not necessarily access the information.

You can find the publish functions under share, where it is described as Publish as a webpage.


Ahhh… cheers. I’ll check that out. :bow: