Spring clips to hold your tools


Does anybody know where can I find these k. Taipei?

They are called “spring clips” in English, but I have no idea where to find them. I’ve tried the some small hardware stores but I can’t find anything.


Ha, the most obvious Chinese words for this mean “magazine” as for firearms. Looking a bit more

Kind of too many similar clips and other things to make it easy. Closest I saw was this


Cheers mate! I’m actually looking for a bit larger clips. I need to attach different sizes, ranging from 38 to 55 mm…

Did you try B&Q?

No easy name for them! Have a look through the search results and hopefully find what you need. https://www.google.com/search?q=不鏽鋼卡扣管夾彈簧彈性卡夾U型管夾彈簧片開口管高強彈力咬口管卡&sxsrf=ALeKk02npaYTevrX1Mi1jFDifcSRyTEmNg:1605103269005&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiMurTR0_rsAhVcwosBHeySAxUQ_AUoAXoECAQQAw&biw=1366&bih=625

Despite its name/reputation B&Q in Taiwan don’t sell actual tools. It’s a glorified furniture store that sells tools that you might need to put those furniture together.

They do sell those 3M masking tapes though.

Try looking online before going to B&Q

It’s name is not B&Q!

You sure?

Maybe he means some Taiwanese company paid for the name but the company has zero relationship with the parent company.

Yeah, I think that’s what @SuperS54 meant.
There’s even a discussion on this in Forumosa! B&Q is now only named 特力屋

I mean in the West there are numerous stores that carry tools, real tools but such big stores don’t exist, only mom and pop tool stores and specialized stores to get what you really want, meaning there’s no one stop shop for the average tradesman, must go to 20 different shops to get what you need. I wonder if this is cultural, as Taiwanese culture seems to have an aversion to doing anything with their hands.

Not back in my hometown, there was always a one-stop large hardware store, and now there’s a Home Depot and probably others.

Yes I am. In Taiwan it’s no longer called B&Q after a split in partnership and local rebranding. They removed “B&Q” from their signs many years ago, some still have the blank space!

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It is normal, in one street you can have multiple stores that carry similar products, but in the whole having a large range of products.

In the US I would go to home depot, and I would be able to pick up tools, lumber, screws, shelving units, hardware, etc. and they have decent selection of things.

In Taiwan I need to visit separate stores for each of them. There are stores that sells only screws, hardware, etc.

In America stores tended to carry everything related. For example I can order specialty screws and hardware, end mills, etc. from McMaster Carr, ENCO, or MSC, or even Grizzly. In Taiwan (and China it seems) they’re all carried by separate stores.

That also means I can’t buy lathe tool bits and screws from the same store.

I think America used to be like this, where stuff are supplied by many mom and pop businesses. But Walmart moved in and drove them out of business.

That’s why you still have streets that are know as, ‘shoe street’, ‘camera street’ …