Spring Scream 2005

Who’s planning on going? I’ve heard lots of stories, but never actually gone. Is it worth fighting the madness? I haven’t heard much hype about it this year.

Their snazzy site can be found here: springscream.com/

Who’s playing?

I haven’t even seen the list, but it’s most “amateurs” isn’t? Unsigned/local artits getting exposure? I have no idea.

Me neither, and their website is woefully slim on details.

If I were you I wouldn’t get too excited about Spring Scream if you want to hear music… The hotels are full and you can only camp on the beach. The beach, that sounds nice, but there are are a lot of ANTS. It’s just another attempt at “Woodstock”, but without the good music.

The bands that play are crap, but they cheer each other on, as if to say “thank you for not booing me off the stage”, like what would have happened in their home countries or otherwise. It’s just a sense of “togetherness”–“we ALL play crappy music, so let’s cheer each other on… Being on stage is FUN!!”

AND THEN, you will not hear just one band. They have at least THREE STAGES close to one another. You want to experience this? Find a way to play 3 CDs at the same time in your home. Nobody wants to actually “listen” to that.

If you think it would be great to get away for a few days and whatever, fine. IMHO this is not “entertainment”.

Don’t want to rain on your parade, but Spring Scream may mot be what you think it is…Consider this for yourself and go if you want. You won’t see me there.

Spring Scream = Gong Show

Disagree with all of you.

The organisers of Spring Scream work their asses off every year to bring all the best talent from around the island to one place for one big, fun party. The reason their website might look a little slim now is because they’re filtering through hundreds of demos trying to fit as many bands as they can into a short five day festival.

I’ve been there the last three years and I’ve never noticed the stages bleeding into each other. They are actually pretty spaced out and the sound guys do an excellent job of containing the sound to once stage.

It’s easy to get Spring Scream confused with all the piece of shit extacy parties that set up down there while Spring Scream is on. They kind of give the whole thing a bad name and the media loves to lump them all together and show whitey misbehaving.

In addition to all the Taiwanese talent they will bring out some international bands that you don’t want to miss. I know Dynamite Club from New York will be playing this year, and I’m pretty sure Japans Mimi Chan will come again and these are two bands you definitely don’t want to miss.

As for hotels. Book a room now. Last year I didn’t book a room and found one, though I wouldn’t advise doing that.

Anyway hope that helps. Check out the website in a week or so and they should have the schedule of bands and performers finished by then.


There’s going to be some great times and music AGAIN!! I wouldn’t miss it. There’s a film festival and a bunch of other cool things as well.

Who’s going? From here I mean?

I’ll be there dearest. :smiley:

Yes, the music sucks. You might see one band that would be considered halfway listenable in a music-loving country. If you’re lucky.

But you should go once to say you’ve been. I went to the first three or four, and, honestly, it was never about the music, which no one cared about anyway. That Taiwanese girl-band doing Nirvana covers by the pool at the first Spring Scream? They were a larf! Well, for the first song, at least. But no one was listening, as the real fun was having a holiday from polluted cities, drinking beer, and meeting up with people living at other parts of the island.

If you’re a true music-lover, then take earplugs. But go. At least once. It’s part of the expat experience in Taiwan.

Last time I went I thought Hardpack (a punk band form Hong Kong) were the best. How can you say all the/any bands are crap? Musical tastes due to their personal nature are subjective. I hate techno but to others techno clubs are treasures. Personally I wouldn’t listen to death metal but it’s always entertaining to see the Taiwanese version.

However I went with a friend who saw absolutely no bands yet still had a great time.

Chairman will be playing on Saturday, I think. They’re really cool, and usually have excellent shows. I can’t wait to see them again. They just released a new cd, too. I just bought it, but haven’t listened to it yet.

I didn’t go Spring Scream for last two years.
And this year I’ll go by drving.
It’s a long way! I believe it’ll be fun!

Get off your fat asses and go have some fun.

We hired a car and drove down last year.

Being able to say you drove from Kending to Taipei does sound cool, but the reality of being in a traffic jam from Taizhong to Taoyuan isn’t. Make sure you get a big car and that more than one person is able to drive.

We are going by coach this year.

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is rain so hopefully the manager of the McDs on the corner will be happy to have a load of foreigners and Taiwanese occupy the top floor all day drinking beers from the Family Mart next door, as long as we buy enough Chicken McNuggets too.

As for Spring Scream, I don’t like the music and I don’t like camping, but the Techo parties in the area at the same time are good until they get raided and spending the daytime on the beach if it’s not wet is good.

You can spend evey weekend in Taipei, so as turkey_dinner says, it’s worth geting off your arse to go and have some fun somewhere else for a change.

That’s a bit of a fascist comment there.

Just because certain parties play dance music, it doesn’t make them “extacy parties”. The truth of the matter is that most people at these parties are on little more than beer. But it is obvious that you are a person who has actually been to one of these parties and tried to understand what they are about before shooting off your mouth. You refer to these events as “pieces of shit”. I find that funny. I guess people would be better off at the “gong show”. The moonlight party (Re-named: Spring Gathering) is featuring internationally world renowned talent such as Marco-V.

I’m sick and tired of this whole bullshit of accusing dance music of proliferating and condoning drug use. Drugs have been part of music since the sixties. Or are you trying to say that people don’t take drugs at a rock concert?

The first time I went down to Spring Scream was about four years ago. I did more extacy than you can shake a fist to. It was very easy to get. I just walked into the moonlight party and four or five people came up to me asking if I wanted to buy it. So I did.

I suppose I got a little carried away. I should really be blaming the media for lumping everything all together. They like to follow the cops when they raid those parties and then they absolutely love when there’s a foreigner that has E in his/her piss.

As for the ‘piece of shit’ comment. I have a bad habit of calling music I don’t like ‘piece of shit music’. I have my own reasons for doing this and I do realise it’s very elitist and I should stop saying it. However, I would watch who you call a fascist.

It’s art I guess, but at least Spring Scream doesn’t have to use ass to sell tickets. “Booty on the Beach.” Gimme a break.


bad names aside… what do you think most guys go to these parties for anyways… the music?