Spring Scream?

So I hear there’s this huge party down in KenTing b[/b] the first weekend of April. It’s supposed to be the biggest event of the year, call Spring Scream or some such.

Please give me any details, thoughts, past experiences, advice, etc about this event. I am particularly worried about cops busting the party.


As for police activity – well, there’s several thousand people, many of them foreigners, living in tents, getting drunk and wasted, along with beach raves at night and all the bacchanalia that the media attributes to these things, so … police activity? You be the judge.
In the past, the cops have been desperate to get in there and make some major busts, but fortunately, the good burghers of Kenting b[/b] cash up their receipts for the weekend and realize which side their bread is buttered on, so they tend to slap the cops down and keep them in check, probably with a few well-directed hungbaos.

Anyway, Jimi and Wade, who organize Scream, have assured the press that nobody who goes there does illegal drugs at all – its all those ravers down on the beach shaking their heads that’s the problem in their book. Nope. Drugs at Spring Scream? Nooooo. Never. Nosirreebob! Not on your life! Why, its practically a church camp, really! Oh yes.