Spy recording device

How do i know that i am being reorded by some nosey fuck ?
Is there a device small enought to tell if some malicious fuck head is recording me.
I don’t wan’t to be recorded by nosey midle class fucks. I want my conversations kept as private So recommend some products that I can be free again. Some real time real life spy detectors, to even know when a low humanoid type wishes to record western and easter

getting it to together in private with no fucking technology

I memorise every conversation I have. It stays in my mid term memory for about 2 days then fades, unless it was important to me and then it stays forever. I had a head injury as a child. Lalala.

Why, do you want to be able to deny ‘it’ later?

Fab! I am a nosy, middle class fuck with a head injury. Woooo.

ran the man hijacked fenlander’s account

recorded how?
person-to-person conversation? telephone? cell phone? internet?

have your 1 on 1 under a chopper ,don’t you watch hollywood movies??

If the taxi driver thinks he may have seen you before…then you’ve probably been recorded…but maybe you can buy the VCD from him.