SQL Manual

I’m looking for a MS SQL manual.

Will buy it from you, or if you know of a bookstore that carries English computer manuals please post.

Ten Long book store opposite T.G.I.Fridays at No 107, Zhongqing S. Road Sec 1 has lots of English computer books.
phone: 2371-7725

I got it. That’s the bookstore street.


[quote=“Alleycat”]I got it. That’s the bookstore street.

Cheers[/quote]That’s the one, it’s up towards Hengyang St. almost directly oppisite TGIF, Don’t know if they will have that book, but it’s the best place to look.

7.0 or 2000 ?

The Website lists SQL FOR DUMMIES.

That’s exactly what I need.



Allycat: You might be interested in checking out PostgreSQL (www.postgresql.org). It has all the same bells and whistles as MSSQL and is free. It runs on Windows too. The docs are also free and on line.