Squash at the new Xinyi Sports Center

I’m interested in looking for someone to play squash at the new xinyi sports center (across from 101 and ny bagels at jasper village). i’m intermediate (play tennis mostly, picked up squash)… there are 2 squash courts that are painfully empty most of the time. it’s $150/hr off peak, $250/hr peak. pls reply or pm me if interested. http://www.cyc.org.tw/xysc/index.html

I only arrived in Taipei on Saturday but went to the squash club behind the Arena (Xiao Ji Dan) tonight. They are very friendly and the standard is not bad, and it is fairly well-frequented so it should be easy enough to get a game. It is a better bet than trying to get a game at a municipal sports centre I think. The coach should be able to fix you up with some suitable players. There is a young chap whose English name is Alex who speaks fairly good English - well, better than my Chinese anyway!

Incidentally, if you want to buy a racket or other squash stuff, there is a chap in Kaohsiung called Eric whose prices are brilliant AND he will string it to your requirements so you do not get factory strings. I bought a racket for one of my sons on Tuesday because he did not bring his, and it arrived this morning! This is Eric’s Ebay page:



This maybe a stupid question, but for squash is there the option to rent equipment from them or do i have to buy mine?

Hi guys,

I just moved to XinYi and would like to try out the XinYi sports centre. I am not very good at squash but I like to play…don’t have equipment though. I’m also looking for a gym-workout buddy…please send me a pm if you’re interested!

Mark D, which side of the arena is the squash club ?? (street or specific address) i’m an average squash player, been playing on and off a couple of years but since moving here haven’t been able to get a decent workout.