Sri Lankans in Taiwan...?

Hi guys,

I’m from Sri Lanka and I just wonder how many Sri Lankans are there in Taiwan. :ponder: . Since it’s just hard to get a VISA to Taiwan, I don’t think its many. However I managed to find 7 postgraduate students including me from Sri Lanka and about 10 Sri Lankan monks. I wanted to check whether there is anyone else. Anyway, if you guys have any idea please enlighten me…

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What city are you in? In Kaoshuing I used know one,and know one Taiwanese girl who study there. But should be more, as I am not searching.

I know of one Sri Lankan in Xindian.

It seems there are some people around… And also I found another 5 Sri Lankan girls studying in Buddhists College in Huafen.

where do the sri Lankan Buddhists meet?

Hi, Mostly the Sri Lankan community here in Taiwan are Buddhists, and the common meeting place is the Sri Lankan Temple in Shipai, Taipei. Actually the formal name & address would be - Theravada Samadhi Education Association, N0:15, 80 Ally, 39 lane, Shipai Road, Section 01, Taipei, Taiwan.

There are fifty-five Sri Lankans resident in Taiwan – at least officially.

Wow, :bravo: I never thought of this number… :thumbsup: I guess I have met 20 of them… :discodance: Anyway is this number, updated one?

As of March 31.

Hi Gays.I’m also from Sri Lanka and finding Sri Lankans in Taiwan.If you all still in Taiwan writ to me on my e-mail address.

Hi. I live in Taichung. I am a srilankan who lives in Taiwan since 2010, Unfortunately i did not fine any other srilankan in Taiwan. If any srilankan live in Taiwan let me know. Thank you.

I live in Taichung city. My contact email is Let me know if there any Srilankan live in Taiwan. I did not meet a single srilankan yet.

Hi ! :slight_smile:
I’m a Sri Lankan living in Taichung for three years now.
I’ve never met a Sri Lankan in taiwan before :frowning:
Is there any place that Srilankan get together in Taichung :slight_smile:

Hi all, I just came here. Is there any update about you guys… still here?

Try contacting the people who play cricket. Used to be a team that was basically Sri Lankans. I think a few of them had Taiwanese citizenship so they would not appear registered as Sri Lankans living here.

I see. How can I find people who play cricket?
Thanks a lot

[quote=“snjvirtual”]I see. How can I find people who play cricket?
Thanks a lot[/quote]

[quote=“Tempo Gain”][quote=“snjvirtual”]I see. How can I find people who play cricket?
Thanks a lot[/quote][/quote]

Thanks Tempo

Any Sri Lankans in Kaohsiang

Hi guys. I’m in Taiwan. I’m married a Taiwan girl. I’m Sri Lankan My line number 0094768477428. I love to talk to you all. Cal me we can meet each other. Thanks

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