Stabbing in Xindian

Wife said it was just on the news. Any links yet?

A guy got into an argument with his wife, was pissed, went outside and stabbed a random guy waiting on a scooter at a red light with a long sushi knife. He died. Victim was 33 on his way to pick up his sister.

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just saw the vid posted on facebook. might not want to watch if you are sensitive its pretty horrific.

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Good god! I am no proponent of capital punishment, but this sociopath needs to be removed from society—and no second chances.



Jesus, that is horrific.

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Apparently the fight was about what they were going to eat for dinner. What a fucking psychopath.


That is horrific. What can you do? You could train for 30 years and still have no chance against a cowardly POS like that.


yea, looks like it was right through the spine. the poor kid probably didn’t even know he got stabbed for nothing either, its just super sad.

how can this even happen after a domestic fight? how does this guy even have a wife? how did the relationship get that far? he looks like a completely gone cold blooded psychopath.


I think the reality has to be that this had little or nothing to do with the fight in question. He probably might have stabbed anybody at any time for no or some equally senseless reason.


Victim was 33 years old. The complete psychopath who committed the crime was 23 years. I just read the Chinese article.

Could you give a link to the Chinese article?

Jesus, what a bad way to go. So sorry for him and his family.


Yes here it is:


Holy shit some people are cold blooded bastards.
For capital punishment, the perp ought to be stabbed so he knows how it feels.

Some take aways from this: always be alert outside, keep your backs to the walls if waiting, don’t be glued to your phone.


I think its more like hot blooded rather than cold blooded at this point. Seems his temper got the best of him in the worst possible way to the worst extreme imaginable.

Right, but sane people don’t start randomly killing people. Taking out your frustration on an inanimate object is enough. Or go lift some weights. Put that extra adrenaline to work.

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Or stab himself.


right and he’s clearly not sane

No doubt about that.

Location looks like outside Macdonald’s on zhongzheng Lu? Near cardinal Tien hospital.

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He was wearing a face mask. Like most people, he was worried about coronavirus. He probably never expected he’d go out like this of all ways.

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I haven’t seen the news. Did they arrest the guy yet?