Stacked carton base thingies

Sorry, I don’t really know what to call these deals. I was at 7-11 yesterday and the kids were restocking the sale stuff that’s sitting out in stacked cartons, and I noticed that each of the stacks was sitting on a shallow white plastic base, no more than 1 1/2 inches off the floor, that keeps the bottom carton from getting wet and allowing air to circulate under it. I’d say they were maybe 18 in x 2 feet, roughly.
I could use a bunch of these at home, but numerous Googlations with a wide variety of possible names came up dry.
Does anyone even know what I’m talking about and, hopefully, where a guy could procure some???


I know the function of it, but still cannot picture what you are describing…maybe a pic could help?

Shipping pallet?

Something like this?

Click on the small pallets below the photo, the smallest one is 50mm high (around 2inches)

I was going to say they’re like little pallets, but they aren’t really set up to accommodate fork lift use, that’s more than I need

Did you call 711 and ask? :grinning: Maybe they have custom ones.

I’d probably have better luck just asking the boss there

I get thingies like that at the thingy shops down the street. Not the best thingies, but convenient and cheap. Of course not all thingy shops have the same or similar type thingies.

五金百貨 stores seem to have everything.

Try looking for “retail display platforms” or “floor display platforms” it may be what your looking for

That would be The Everything Store…

Or is that the Everythingy store

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Nice one, these are darn close