Stamping out black gold politics... yeah, right

Just watched a news clip of the lavish funeral of the mother of a Bamboo Union gangster. The usual black suits, tight perms, etc., but whose personal mourning banner should be prominently displayed?.. Why, none other than that of “black gold” politics stomper, President Ah Bian himself.

How I laughed!

But it got even better. Who should be kowtowing before some extremely dubious-looking characters but the mayor of this fine megalopolis!

Oh well, at least we know the political homage to the country’s criminal gangs is non-partisan.

What a fucking joke.

quote[quote]What a fucking joke.[/QB][/quote]

for sure. Chen has learned that the more he scratched the surface, the more he found that his patron Lee Teng-hui was dirty, and that the DPP and its supporters (especially as one goes down the line to the county/local level) are just as corrupt as the KMT.

what about Wang Jin-ping running to see Yen Ching-biao the day after Yen posted bail and got out of jail?