Stan Lee’s daughter says Marvel and Disney has no respect for her dad's legacy

Cant believe no one reached out to her from there.

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Gee, I wonder why? The media has a short memory, but I don’t. She was repeatedly accused of elder abuse in the year leading up to Lee’s death.

April 2017, Stan Lee’s former business manager Bradley J. Herman accused Joan of verbally abusing her parents.

He also alleged that on at least one occasion she physically abused them.

Herman told The Hollywood Reporter that he saw Joan push her mother before grabbing her famous father by the neck and shoving his head back against his wheelchair.

Joan Celia and Stan Lee both strongly denied the accusations.

JC told the Daily Beast: “As long as I’ve lived, I have never touched my mother, my father, or a dog. Never.

“How that ever happened… between us, my mother was very ill. She was on major drugs and drink for the pain.

“And she didn’t make it really easy. And people said things. Nothing was touched. And she was a little off, to say the least.

“And these people from this cult or whatever, were trying to get everything. Ask me how much they did get.”

Are you saying they didn’t reach out because you think she abused her father? It says Stan denies it himself so it’s just one guys accusation. Not saying it didn’t happen for sure, but both of them denied it. So idk.

The accusation was made by a number of people (including Kevin Smith who would visit him regularly). Stan Lee was old, infirm and being manipulated (or coerced) into making contradictory statements at the time.

I’m not entirely sold on it. But I do agree there are some red flags. Idk what is the truth here unfortunately.

Mehz she just inherited a business.