Standard Form Contract for Buxiban Cooperative Investment


Does anyone know where I can find some sort of standard form contract in Chinese (or English-Chinese bilingual) which would be suitable for a cooperative venture between local Taiwanese and foreign partners in setting up a buxiban?

Or does someone have an existing contract which they could photocopy and send me . . . . . (you could black out all the personal details . . . . that’s OK with me . . . . . . . )

Also, on a related note, is it possible for me to have 51% or more “ownership”, since I am the foreign partner??? What do the laws in Taiwan say about this?

I was told that buxibans couldn’t be set up as companies initially esp. as foreign companies, but I found that that may be wrong.

However, some aspects of the legalisation process may be inappropriate if you decide to set up a company structure.

Most buxibans are school structures with one boss and one principal.

I don’t know how other people do that, but… check with your lawyer.

We’ve had a similar discussion on segue before. Search the archives for it. Look for postings by Bassman and queries by me.