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[quote]TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - [color=red]Assailants claiming to be members of a revolutionary group opposed to the death penalty opened fire on a public bus in northern Honduras, killing at least 23 passengers[/color] and escalating an ongoing battle between gangs and a government dedicated to fighting them.

The bus was driving through the heavily populated neighborhood of San Isidro when a car carrying an unknown number of armed attackers cut in front of it, forcing it to stop, police spokesman Deputy Commissioner Wilmer Torres said.

The assailants jumped out of the car and began shooting while attackers in a second car fired from behind and then alongside the bus, he said. Authorities weren’t immediately certain how many riders were on the bus but believed the majority of them were women and children.

The assailants left a large piece of paper taped to the front windshield of the bus with a message saying they represented a revolutionary group that opposes the death penalty. The message contained “vulgar words” against congressional President Porfirio Lobo Sosa and Security Minister Oscar Alvarez, Torres said.

Maduro has waged a zero-tolerance campaign against gang activity. At his bidding, Congress approved a law in August 2003 that sentences gang members to up to 12 years in prison.

Gangs have responded with gruesome attacks, including the beheading and dismembering of victims, whose bodies have been left in public places.[/quote]
Wow, that makes sense. And they’re not even blaming it on the U.S. (Otherwise I’d guess they were Democrats.)

Where is all the whining about this from the left? Is the U.S. heartless for not invading, or would invading be imperialist, or both? Don’t you people care?!?!?

Death toll is now 28: … bus_attack

[quote]SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - Jittery last-minute Christmas shoppers scurried for cover at rumors of Mara street gangs gathering for battle one day after gunmen shot up a bus, killing 28 people in a gruesome massacre.

One of the more than 1,000 officers patrolling the outskirts of this city Friday said the panic may have been caused by some fireworks