Stanford School in Hsinchu?

Has anyone had any experiences with Stanford School in Hsinchu? preferably the Jing guo branch. Have been offered a job but really want to know more about what the school is like.

I’ve never worked at Stanford. I found some posts on the board that mention or discuss Stanford English, but I don’t know if they will be helpful to you. I don’t know if there’s more information on the board about Stanford English, but this is what I found. I hope that someone who has worked there, or at least knows something about the chain, and especially about the branch for which you were offered the job, will see this thread and provide information or advice.

This link is to a post from January of 2010 about “Stanford American Language School in Zhunan with branches in Zhubei and 2 in Hsinshu”: … 4#p1102694 .

This link begins a segment of a thread from February of 2009 concerning Stanford English in Fengyuan: … 16#p960216 . Please note that when the poster wrote “90 to 100 teaching hours a week,” he meant 90 to 100 teaching hours a month. Please also note that the poster didn’t take the contract, so there was no description of what it was like to work for Stanford.

This is a link to a three-page thread from December of 2008 that discusses Stanford English and some other things: … 10#p937110 .

This link is to a post from July of 2008 about Stanford American Language School: … 52#p877052 . As far as I know, no more information was forthcoming from the person asked.

Hello, Yes I can. I have experience with Stanford and can fill you in and try to answer any questions you have. You can send me a private message.

Did you accept the job? You didn’t PM me and I was wondering if you still wanted to get some info on Stanford.

I ran across this thread and wanted to know as well. I’m thinking of taking this job but I wanted to make sure if this is a good school