Star Aquarius Cruises

Has anyone taken one of their cruises? I have a forced two-week vacation coming up and I’d like to take the wife and nipper on a cruise. The prices seem cheap so I’m worried about the service. Are we required to contract Legionnaires?

And what exactly do we get to see or do? I called their Taiwan number and talked to the lady in charge but she had obviously not been on either tour as she kept talking about all the things we could do on the ship, but couldn’t tell me if we could get off the ship.

Anybody been there and done that?

A friend of mine just took one of their cruises to Okinawa. It took two and a half hours to board because of temperature checking. At Okinawa, the Japanese authorities would not allow them to disembark because of SARS concerns. On a brighter note, she’s been promised a complete refund.

Thank you for the input but I’m looking for details about the current itinerary- I took the Okinawa trip, and the Macao trip, in the late '80’s and they were fun, for a 20 year-old dude, and on a cargo ship. I’m now married with children and that route won’t go… any other info out there?