Star Cruise visa run

hey all doing a visa run on the 14th of the month. i found a great deal with the Star Cruise line, 7,000 nt for two people and lots of perks! swimming pool sauna free shows, and a double room (two beds) and lots more, the boat leaves on the thursday at 6pm and returns friday at 4pm anybody interested call mike at 87719837

p.s. very urgent need to buy the tickets a.s.a.p

I’m interested.

How many tickets have you got? And please inform the cruise itinerary…


Is this just to get a stamp on your passport(if you have a 5yr visa) or to get a visitor visa(this is what most people use the HK trip for)…there is a diiference…

This might help.

You cannot extend a landing visa from 14 days to 30 days, by taking a cruise. They dont have the office needed, and they are not interested in helping.

Phoned many related offices.

But, a great cruise, - so is the one to Okinawa.


Johnny S

So this is in fact not a visa run ???