Star Wars Episode 8 Spoiler Discussion


I feel like there’s so many random powers that not many people know about that they keep bringing up from nowhere. Like Leia not dying and flying through space. C’moon.


There is. In ROTJ Darth Vader even said if Luke won’t turn, he can convince his sister (who has the same potential) instead. For force sensitive people, especially a Skywalker, finally unleashing the force as a primal instinct for self preservation - especially as soon as she realizes they are targeted - is natural. She didn’t carve down a door - Poe & co. opened it for her.


Also very curious to see how they deal with Leia, given Carrie is no longer with us.


so his significant point was not about nobody kids, but that this is a new new generation of jedis (rey and kylo ren are the new generation) can’t have too many new generations i suppose…

it kinda feels like the two directors were not really on the same page. and that jj abrams maybe didn’t even know the pay offs to what he was setting up. disappointing.


Also, in Jedi, Yoda says to ghost Obi Wan that there is another. Presumably meaning Leia. Plus she’s a skywalker.

I don’t like the flying scene either but it’s not a stretch to say she’s got some connection to the force. It’s just silly looking is all.

Edit: forgot! Anybody else catch the shoddy grammar in the opening crawl.


When she busted onto the bridge when Poe was on there mutineering Dr. Saddler.


Double post, but I had to share this…


Watched it today.

a) Fuck all the part set in the Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer, including the chocobo run
b) Flinn and…uhm…Guendaline’s forced romance is pointless, almost as forced as Anakin/Padme’s in the prequels (can’t remember the name of the girl in TLJ)
c) I’m tired of uber spaceships of doom that get blown to pieces without achieving much, it gives me blueballs
d) I liked Luke, Kylo and Rey’s story arch
e) Leia Mary Poppins in space was beyond retarded
f) Too much comedy in dramatic moments
g) Snoke = worst villain ever
h) Admiral Purplehair was a trash character
i) Smegma / Spegma whatever her name has been a joke for 2 movies, I hope she’s done for good
j) Too many animals, goddammit Disney and their hunger for merchandise shekels

Cutting the pointless casino subplot and removing the pointless characters would have made the movie 30/40 minutes shorter and more enjoyable. It wasn’t as bad as the prequels, but much weaker than TFA.


For me the biggest letdown in the whole movie was not Luke’s story arch, which is weird but sort-of makes sense. Finn had to die at the end.
It would have been an amazing moment: an ex stormtrooper who left the Empire/New Order to join the rebels, and after fighting with them for some time he sacrifices his life to save everyone in the rebel base by blowing up the giga-cannon. It would have given purpose to his character and his act could have been seen as an heroic example. At the end of the movie they show some kind of “rise of the resistance”; if Finn died like a hero, that theme would have been 10000x times stronger. Instead it’s based on Finn and Guandaline inspiring some kids by setting free the Chocobos. For fucks sake.

It’s clear Disney wants to milk the new characters as much as possible and transition into a new Star Wars cinematic universe without the old cast, but that was such a wasted opportunity to have a truly inspiring moment in this movie.


Didn’t you watch Spaceballs? It’s all about merchandising.


What have they done…I just watched it. You see glimpses of greatness and it just falls flat and slaps you in the face with disappointment.

I have zero interest in the skywalkers. So many more interesting jedis and Wars in the past they can explore in the lore.

That kiss ewwwwww. Like you just didn’t want it to happen, not romantic at all. Felt more wrong than watching Luke and leia kiss knowing they are siblings.

Still no asweres to where snoke just came from and what a useless adversary.


A lot of people liked the change and how different it was, I’m still on the fence about the idea(s).

However, I’m pretty mad about the casino scenes, Leia’s Mary Poppin scene.

Yes…that kiss was so unnecessary. Rey and Finn had a very solid relationship going on and the possibilities of it going somewhere were endless and they ruined it one 3 seconds. Also, Rose worked on pipes all her life, how in the hell did she learn how to become a pilot all of a sudden in the final battle scene?

Yeah, but you’re coming from a background of watching the series. The trilogies have always been about the Skywalkers. No matter how much you don’t want episode 9 to be about the Skywalkers, there’s still Kylo Ren, who’s half Skywalker.


It’s not great, that’s true. But, personally, I’ve managed to rationalize a lot of this.

For Leia’s Mary Poppins scene, they have set up the idea that she’s “force sensitive” as far back as Empire Strikes Back. It did come out of nowhere and was stupid, but it’s not crazy that she can use the force.

The Casino scene is important for Finn’s character development. He isn’t ever really part of the resistance. In Force Awakens, he only goes to the Star Killer base to go save Rey. In Last Jedi, he’s abandoning the resistance to, again, protect Rey. He doesn’t really show any feelings one way or another towards the resistance.

But then he meets Rose and they end up at the Casino Planet. When he sees the excesses of the uber wealthy, who are making their money off the weapons sold to the first order, in addition to the poor treatment of slaves and animals, he starts to see what the resistance is fighting for.

So when Finn goes up against Phasma and she calls him scum, he admits he’s “rebel scum.”

Still not a huge fan of the casino scene since the plan is ridiculous. But from a story-telling point of view, I get it.


you could say…he’s a Skydeambulator



Time to accept the truth.


Coming from a guy named Thad McKraken


The general outline for the trilogy has already been formulated, but directors are allowed to tweak the plot and add content as long as it doesn’t mess up the pre-planned ideas. The directors aren’t making up the stories from absolute scratch.


For me Star Wars is the story of force sensitive people with driving the universe. I don’t get why the force was becoming weaker by the end of episode 3 as yoda and others felt it. And it returned for the most uneventful force sensitive people like Kylo ren and Rey and a absolutely useless sithlord. The force should never have awakened. I don’t get how Rey is somehow stronger than kylo ren and with snoke overwhelming Rey somehow kylo ren just splits snoke in an uneventful second. Mace windu is able to beat palatine because of his combat style using the dark side against them. There’s nothing interesting about the force sensitive. It’s become just a useless lift up a rock idea.


Ooh, who’s your lucasfilm/disney hook up? I too, want in.


Can they do a crossover with Star Trek now, or would that be considered some kind of outrage against artistic integrity?