Star World is Back!

YEAH!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I happend to call Star World in Taipei just last week, they have an office in Taipei, and asked them some questions about Star World, yadda yadda ya. The lady I spoke to said some cable providers would offer a decoder box to get the channel and if we wanted it we would have to pay for the channel.

Surprisingly today, she calls me back and says look on channel 118, so I flip to channel 118, but nothing, however I did find it on something like 106 or 108, so flip through the 100’s until you find it. I asked her what changed, but she said it was a long story. I don’t really care, we have Star World again!!! I can finally watch the Simpsons :homer: again!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

108 for me too.

I’m out in XiZhi but I’ve not got it. Something new (in English) on Channel 107 though, its got ‘SUN’ in the top corner not Start World :frowning:

I had Star World in Hsintien up until last week, then it was replaced by Channel V. Called cable company and they said their contract had expired in Dec 2004. Checked 108 just now and it says “Scrambled Channel”…

SuperS54 call your cable provider and find out if they are offering it now, and if not when and if they may, and you may also want to ask them about the decoder boxes.

Thanks Jeff, just called them again, kinda weird conversation…they insisted that there was no longer any Star World and no chance of getting it, I told them that a friend in Taipei city called his cable company after it disappeared and it then re-appeared, she then seemed to have a change of heart., took my phone number and will call me back. Channel 108 still says “Scramble Channel” which it never did before, I asked her if it was SW, she says not, didn’t understand what she said it was, got the impression it was a porno channel though!

SuperS54, could very well be that only some cable companies are going to offer it. It may not be on channel 108 either, it could be anywhere. :laughing:

I think I use shuang ho cable company, aka, hohonet. I’m in Taipei County, not Taipei City. Maybe something related, I don’t know.

A porno channel? ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That’s good info that star world is back. But it’s only one or two of the cable companies that will offer it in Taipei. Outside of that we’re all screwed unless you get satellite TV… not always an option for many.

Also no guarantee for how long it will be back either. Many people in anycase have problems receiving channels over 100 without pixelation due to poor cable in their building. The cables used are often the cheapest unsheilded crap.

One of my customers just had his apartment re-cabled with my satellite coax RG6 quad shield. Thats because his cable TV picture was woeful on most channels. Turns out that the cable throughout his apartment needed to be replaced. The guy doing it saw my coax and told me he couldn’t get it here in Taiwan. :loco: :loco:

So I asked him how did he think I had it then lol… Imported it of course lol… So now my customer has back his cable tv pics for his wife… picture quality crystal clear…

So I guess most of you who have poor picture quality need to have the internal coax replaced with some quality gear.

I agree Jim and will still be calling you later about the satellite, I still want it! :wink: Still miss Hallmark and would like to see a movie without the damn subtitle!

I am also afraid that after a month or so, it’ll be gone again.

Our building’s cable seems ok, we have very few problems, the picture is usally very clear.

Yeah I was quite happy to find Star World last week…not sure who my cable company is (I live near Zhongshan station) but it’s on 116 here. Nice to see some real TV again - Arrested Development, The Office, Frasier - beats the hell out of “Snake Island 3: The Slithering” or endlessly repeated travel documentaries. Oh yeah, and they’re gonna start showing the A-Team next Monday! No one else I know has Star World though, the coverage area seems quite limited.

Oh shit! It’s time to bust out the gold chains.

No sign of it here - Da’an Park area, Dongsen Cable…

Time for you to get a satelite install then: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, YES, YES!!!

Thank you JeffG for bringing this to my attention. I tried 116 last night, but no signal, then I rescanned the channels and it turned up.

Watched “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and some other girl living with some hicks in the middle of nowhere. What a laugh! Saw an ad for King of Queens next week. Woohoo!! And my wife’s gonna be over the moon when I tell her Charmed is on too.

Man, I hope is doesn’t disappear again too soon.

According to Star World Taipei eventually most/all cable companies are going to put this channel on pay per view. I believe in many parts of Taipei City this has already happend. You will need to buy the decoder box if you want to continue having this channel. I believe in Taipei County it will go pay per view sometime this month or next, but of course the cable companies haven’t decided yet and cannot tell the price. My guess is they will figure everything out the day they decide to cut the channel. I am hoping it isn’t too expensive. I only plan to use it temporarily until I can save up enough to get the satellite!! Woo Hoo!!

Im in the heart of Taipei and it’s on channel 116. Great channel…i love it with all of my loins. Plus they don’t ruin it with all those stupid subtitles!!!

one gripe…the endless trailers for sitcoms like malcolm in da middle…drives me mental!

Did you just say Malcolm in the Middle???

OMFG!!! :smiley: When is it on? Anyone know?

I wouldn’t mind if there were subtitles. I mean we are in Taiwan after all. What does disappoint me is when some of the “English language” channels, like Star Movies, E-Movies, etc. play Chinese movies, but still use Chinese subtitles only. Kinda sucks for those of us that can’t understand Chinese.

I think it’s on Sunday night between 7-10. I forget.

Star World does not have subtitiles, it never has as far as I can remember.

Thanks Jeff.
Actually, I just downloaded the schedule for the whole of May :slight_smile:
Comes in a nice easy-to-print Excel sheet.

This has seriously made my day.