Star World - Who Gets It?


There’s so little to watch on TV that I find myself reading read more and more. Still, sometimes on a cold evening I like to veg out on the couch and channel surf. When I look in the paper, they always list Star World’s offerings, which are mostly western TV shows, yet nobody I know can get it. What’s up with that? Are they taunting us? Any answers out there?


I had it until this past weekend when my cable company screwed around with the channels-- now it’s disappeared. Star World doesn’t have Chinese subtitles, so it probably doesn’t get a lot of viewership around here. Our loss…


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I only know that the Da’an community currently gets Star World (or at least parts of that area). I know other parts of the city that don’t get it. You don’t really get a choice of cable channels, wherever you are, so it’s just dumb luck (or bad luck, depending on your view).