Star World

is there a star world channel here in taipei???

I’ve found it on channel 107, I’m in Taipei county but we get it from one of the big guys that control the cable TV channels … so it should be available in Taipei
I even bought a new cable TV converter because my old one only could go to 99 … no I’ve 181 channels … cable company only goes to 125 tho …

Some areas have it and some don’t. Tamshui area will be losing theirs 31 December. Some can only get it through digital cable but then not allareas of Taipei can have digital cable.

With cable TV somethings just come and go and you can never be sure what they’ll have from month to month.

ya digi cable… and they have the simpsons :notworthy:

I’ve got it on cable, channel 107 (God only knows for how long though.)

I’ve got it in Taichung county on 106. However, in my old apartment, in the same town, with the same t.v, my channels stopped at 99.


I dunno :idunno:

Same cable company. There’s only one to use here.

They’d better keep it after Dec. 31 … I specially bought a new cable converter … :s cost me 1,400 NT$

Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll keep the porn on for ya! :smiley:

Star World on cable channel 109 in beautiful Tainan.

Simpsons @ 1800 and Malcom in the Middle on after Homer and the crew.

Some people who have bought the difital cable box have done so not knowing it only works in certain areas. Even then the programming can change.

Well, I’m not that stupid … mine is just a cable converter for an old type TV … and no, no porn with this one … it’s not the converter from the cable company … they even didn’t know the converter that I wanted excisted … they said that their porn converter box could only go up to 99 channels … WTF, they put 125 channels up the cable and their box goes only to 99 … welcome to Taiwan … BTW, 116 is BBC world

Those old converters were around before they had over 100 channels… :smiley:

TIVO will be coming to Taiwan as well…

I asked the company when they gonna have digital cable … euh … we don’t know yet, probably somewhere next year … ah, Januari 2006? … euh … no, maybe soemwhere to the end of the year … if at all next year … duh :loco:

The same happened with the cable modem … I was one of the first to have a cable modem around town, although only one-way cable … download only, I had confidence in having soon two-way according to their answers … yeah right … after two years I still had one-way and ( a huge phone bill to ) they still didn’t know when they where going to upgrade their system, so I cancelled my account and went for ADSL instead (cheaper and better) … now when everybody changed to ADSL they offer two-way cable, for an incredible slow speed compared to ADSL and higher cost in comparison … so they have to plug their system to the public, but who wants it … people that are living in areas too far from the phone company’s hub probably … They never learn … Chunghua already provides MOD now … so later the cable has to play catch-up again … dumb people … they never learn, but hey it’s a duopoly, so no worries

i live in XinZhuang… we dont have start tv on 107 nor 106 :frowning:
anyone from same area??