Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls Suck, so what are the alternatives?

A friendly Starbucks worker gave me one of these as a freebie.

It might have been the most terrible thing I’ve eaten in recent memory—greasy artificial awfulness.

It almost made me pine for their cinnamon rolls. :upside_down_face:


If you think it looks bad, try tasting it. :face_vomiting:


Think I’ll pass. It looks like one of those hideous localized bagels that they fill with sweet, creamy ooze.

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It’s utterly fake food. The worst!

OK, time for lunch. :rofl:


Little Seven rice triangle? :grin:

A basket of freshly prepared steamed veggie dumplings, washed back with a pot of tea.

Put otherwise, actual food!


Vegan baller. :salute:

I guess this is our cinnamon roll thread? The Danshui Carrefour has frozen cinnamon rolls in the freezer section - I assume other Carrefours have them as well.

They’re fine. I would never recommend them in North America. Here, though? Eh, why not. Probably better than most of the cinnamon rolls I’ve had in local coffee shops.

How those compare to the ones from IKEA?

I don’t remember ever having the IKEA ones - I’ll have to try them! But I’d guess IKEA’s are better.

But more importantly, I’ve got a Carrefour 10 minutes away, and IKEA’s 90+ minutes away.

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Has anyone had Rolling Rolling in Taipei Main? I walked by the other day. Huge line in front. Got me curious and so I walked up for a look. Wow, they made my mouth water right away! But I didn’t feel like getting in line so I walked away.捲捲人生奶油捲專賣店-106299175053699/

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Never heard of them until today. Looks interesting, but I’m a little wary of how much they seem to be dressing up cinnamon rolls without actually having a “normal” cinnamon roll! I guess that’d be the walnut one.

They’ve also got a regular website, and another branch in Taichung:


It’s not exactly a cinnamon roll, but the new cinnamon kouign amann from Costco are the best thing I’ve found to satisfy that craving.

No skimping on cinnamon for local tastes here. The caremelized sugar coating may be too sweet for some, but goes just fine with my afternoon coffee. NT$299 for a pack of 9, so much cheaper than most places selling fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

Not my photo by the way. Link to post where I found it:


Those are surprisingly good. We were expecting to be disappointed, and ended up scarfing them down in no time at all.

Sweet but delicious. I hammered a box in two days. I want to buy again but my wife has too much self control and I don’t have any which means I will end up eating the whole box again.

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Making cinnamon rolls in my tiny toaster oven used to be how I would spend Sunday mornings. Get a cream cheese frosting made and life is amazing. The problem is that I would always make too much and most of my Taiwanese friends despise cinnamon. And you have to eat fresh cinnamon rolls within about 24 hours of them being made. Does Costco sell cinnamon rolls? Not that that solves the quantity problem…

The next time you have a surplus, please send them to:

Taipei City

Thank you!