And the point of making a Turkey croissant being? It’s loaded with fat, but hey we’ve lean turkey (chicken)! Oh, wait, it evens out!:rofl:

Do you get a discount if you use one of the ~NT$1100 Starbucks refillable containers instead of a paper cup?

What idiot buys that? Oh, it’s Starbucks, people buy that!

If you have your own cup, it’s NT$10 off.


After 110 cups it’s paid itself!

After 110 cups of Starbucks coffee, you will have also blown your stomach.


Starbucks in Taiwan (or maybe just Asia in general since the ones in Japan are good too) is a lot better than Starbucks in Europe. There are way more options. The menu in Europe is shockingly boring and dull. There’s almost nothing new unlike in Taiwan where there would be a sales event or a new flavour every other week.

People in Europe stick to what they like, coffee, latte, cappuccino or Viennese coffee (with whipped cream)

Most chains here (Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC) seem slightly better (made with more care perhaps?) than their counterparts in the US and Europe. That doesn’t make them good… just a bit better.

280 mg caffeine would make me too anxious and flushed to function.

That contradicts the whole mǎmǎhūhū theory!

280 mg caffeine

With this extra information, I am beginning to understand why @tango42 is among the most energetic forumosans in starting new threads…



I wonder how many Red Bulls he slams a day.

Who needs Red Bull when Nitro Cold Brew is available! : D


Nitro Cold Brew anything!

It’s boring af.

It tastes the same but the menu has a lot more (local) variety in Asia.

The presentation is usually closer to the actual picture. I feel like if you order a Big Mac in the US at midnight compared to ordering one here at midnight, the one here is more likely to be keeping in line with the proper presentation and less likely to be messed with.

You know, I have exactly the OPPOSITE impression of Starbucks here in Taiwan. Look at the pictures they put up of their products—they often bear no resemblance to what you get. Example: showing a photo of cold brew served in a glass jar, which as far as I know is available nowhere in any shop in Taiwan; or food served on proper table ware again not available anywhere I can see (and yes, I have asked). The company here seems utterly unaware that such photos make them look unreliable or even dishonest. It doesn’t even occur to them that there may be problem.


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That’s a plus?

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I’m pissed the one Starbucks item I really like, the Chai tea latte, is not on the menu here. I’ll trade a dozen varieties of their special Taiwan-only Longan tea or whatever, to have that on there.