Starcraft 2 sold out in your city?

Hey guys, Did anyone manage to grab a copy of Starcraft 2 in your local city. I went around to three of the stores in Kaohsiung around 4pm and they were already sold out?

Can’t you download it?

Starcraft 2 is out? It’s only been like…15 years for the sequel?

Nevertheless on it says it will be on sale today, so I am guessing in a few hours it should be available online via

The downloading option applies to those with a credit card.

If it makes a difference, the multiplayer feature of the store bought version can only be used in Taiwan - i.e. you can only play against other Taiwanese. If you want to play against a particular region - eg. Europe / North America etc. then you have to specify your region, and download / purchase the appropriate version online.

Good to know Adam but since buying it online is not an option, I am all for playing against Taiwanese players.

I thought people who play this wanted to play the Koreans?

Does Elky still play or did he stop all together after finding online poker?

I’m trying to buy the North American version just so I don’t have to play the Koreans!

Hmmm, seems to be a bit of a wait to purchase it…maybe I should just wait for Starcraft 3?

Going for the US version as well, as I have no interest to play with the locals…
This is still retarded and it shows how blatantly stupid Blizzard are at times.
Why can’t they just let you chose the region you want to play in after you’ve bought the game? I mean, seriously, how hard can it be?

The picture made me laugh though, very funny :thumbsup:

How much is the TW version?
The US digital version is $59.99! Such madness! Since when do games start retailing at this price? Anyone bought the online version yet? Do they assess sales tax?

I was successful in buying the online version, after trying in to login a few times. It was $59.99 US straight without any sales tax.

Family Mart has it for 1950NT. I was tempted but I couldn’t tell if it was in English or not. Also retarded if you cannot choose which region to play against. It is an RTS FFS

Family Mart is selling it, good to know.

All indications on the website and from what my TW colleges have said, the versions in TW will be Chinese only, including all voice etc.

I pre-loaded the SEA version which is in English and is probably going to be best in terms in pings but it turns out they want SG$109 (US$80).

I’m going to wait a few days and see how people get on with pings with the US version or if they can work out how to language pack the TW edition.

I want US edition, but to play koreans.

Well, most people I know here seems to be going for the US version, simply because they know more people playing on those realms.
Really really hate Blizzard for this one, as the old version didn’t have any retarded restrictions like this… :fume:
Used to play with a guy in South Africa back then and we were both on dial-up, so how come it doesn’t work 12 years later when technology is so much better? :noway:

I have more friends playing but the same thing always happens in RTS:
We all buy game
I get good
I can beat them uneven numbers
They kick me out
I find higher skill

On DoW2 It was to the point I could handle 2 on 1 using eldar with the stealth hero. One friend I could beat while I played at 30 APM. It was crazy. I don’t mind being whored by amazing players because I slowly improve.

I have a friend like you DJ, he used to play 1 on 3 at AOE3. We sucked so badly. Regarding Starcraft 2. I just played a game against a kid in Taipei and he beat me in 10 minutes. You can buy the Multiplayer only version of SC2 for 100 TWD if anyone is interested. I bought my copy at Family Mart. It was easy enough to register on Battlenet and get playing though that being said I am going to buy the full edition to play the single player. It kind of sucks that if we want to play against people in different regions we need to buy the respective edition so I think I am also going to buy the US edition as well.

djlowballer, if you don’t mind my asking what is your apm once you get used to a game and can you hold your own against Koreans?