🛰️ Starlink

Anyone else see a proto-Dalek?

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Starlink is now open for reservations! First come first served.
They are targeting to come to Taiwan in 2022.

Deposit is 99 USD.

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Where would this be useful in Taiwan? Aside from up in the mountains, where can you not get at least 100mpbs/down DSL or cable?

If you move a lot this could be REALLY helpful. I don’t know if 4G/5G can match this speed.

If you are in China this will circumvent those firewalls, but not sure if customs will confiscate devices like this. This is one reason why Starlink was made in the first place. Until the US go the path of repressive countries that is (could happen).

Not for now. At the moment the satellites just relay the signal to ground stations. So if there are no ground stations, it will not work.
They just launched new satellite version for polar regions which use lasers to send signals between satellites, this can circumvent censorship.
So even if sea cables are cut you will still have internet.

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If you’re able to get unrestricted internet in China via StarLink this could be huge. Not just for expats, but there are all sorts of uses ie. needed to develop software/hardware for Android. I know that plenty of companies in Shenzhen point directional microwave antennas at receivers in Hong Kong for this very reason.

Wouldn’t companies with legitimate need can get unrestricted internet already?

Do you mean towers?

So what are the range of ground stations? If you need ground stations then what’s the point of Starlink?

If the range is pretty big then they could put a bunch in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and can still bypass China’s censors.

This is how it works at the moment, the signal from your dish goes to satellite and is relayed back down to the ground station which is connected to the internet.
Your home and the ground station must be both in range of the satellite. Satellites are moving so there must be a lot of them to ensure continuous coverage.

In the future the satellites will have a laser-link between neighbors to cover areas without immediate ground stations.

The circles indicate approximate range of the satellites.

The constellation is not complete yet. There might be times without connection, hence it is currently ‘better than nothing beta’. Initial stage will be completed this year.
1021 deployed (~65%)
1584 planned

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You have to have pretty epic guanxi for this. Maybe if you are IBM for a branch office of an American bank.