Stars....a new way of being famous

I’m learning about online communities. I recently joined which is a website that hosts videos. Little did I know that many of it’s members make videos of themselves just talking…and then other members make videos talking about the video that some other member put out…etc. You have some videos on there with some guy chatting about his day…and 300,000 thousand people watching it. Just because they’ve “subscribed” to his videos and now the guy is a star in his own little world…interesting. Here is an example of someone making a somewhat witty video and having thousands of people complimenting him:

And then I’m surfing around and I find a girl…who is now world famous…because of myspace. Here profile was viewed more than 30,000,000 times! And more than 900,000 people asked to be put on her friends list. And with that…she now has the whole world about to see her in movies…etc. You can see her here:

In todays day and age…there will no longer be “undiscovered talent” because everyone now has the whole world in their home with them…and all they need do is turn on their camera and show what they’ve got. Be it in acting, comedy, dance, modeling,…the list goes on.

Maybe it’s time I dusted off my old dance shoes and tried to be an attention whore one last time. :noway:

She looks like just another Hollywood bimbo. Is she a whore?

Did I get a virus from looking at her Website? :snivel:

I’m not sure I would like many people whose profiles have been viewed 30 million times.

Isn’t the site that has led more than a few kids to be killed by psychos?